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  • Bundestag deputy spoke of a 'Marshall Plan for Ukraine'

    Ukrainian authorities must carry out real reforms in the judiciary and the Prosecutor's Office to count on strong support from the West comparable to the Marshall Plan, as announced during a live broadcast from Berlin by Bundestag MP, Head of the German-Ukrainian Parliamentary Group, Karl-Georg Wellmann, during the program "Svoboda Slova" on the channel ICTV.

    "We are ready to help, and my proposal was to create something like the 'Marshall Plan'- providing more than 100 billion euros in …

  • Ukraine anticipates $10 billion in loans in 2016

    The Prime Minister of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, stated that the Government of Ukraine expects to receive around $10 billion from international lenders in 2016, almost the same amount as this year. He said that the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are among these international lenders.

    Yatsenyuk stated at a press-conference on December 29th that Kiev succeeded in receiving the same funding from the international community in 2015. The Prime Minister also reported that the …