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  • Ukraine to file new lawsuit against Russia over political prisoners

    The Ministry of Justice will file a new lawsuit against Russia over Ukrainian political prisoners, stated Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Justice for European Integration Sergiy Petukhov during a broadcast of Channel 5.

    "Next week we will file an interstate lawsuit against the Russian Federation over all of our political prisoners. Russia specifically targets people for their support for the territorial integrity of Ukraine, for their pro-Ukrainian views, by abducting them in Crimea or in the …

  • Ukraine demands that Russia provide documents confirming Russian citizenship of Crimeans Sentsov and Kolchenko

    The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine demands that Russia provide copies of documents confirming Russian citizenship for Ukrainians Oleg Sentsov and Olexander Kolchenko, who were jailed in Russia. The Deputy Minister of Justice, Sergiy Petukhov, posted a photo of the said request on his Facebook page.

    “The Moscow kingdom resumed serfdom. Crimeans were captured with land like serfs. When a neighbor’s head is filled with a medieval mindset, it is difficult to talk about European values. We believe …

  • Sentsov and Kolchenko finish the paperwork necessary for extradition to Ukraine

    Ukrainian political prisoners Oleg Sentsov and Alexander Kolchenko, who are being held in Russia, filled out all necessary documents for their extradition to Ukraine. Radio Liberty journalist Anton Naumlyuk posted on Facebook about this recent development in their plight.

    "Oleg Sentsov and Olexandr Kolchenko finished all paperwork necessary for their transfer to Ukraine. The documents were handed over to the Federal Penitentiary Service to be transferred later to the Ministry of Justice," …