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  • Kremlin approves law to censor emails

    The Russian government has approved a bill on the state regulation of email services that was put forward by a group of senators led by Andrey Klishas in October last year.

    The bill, which requires providers to identify email users by passport and to block accounts which break the law, has received positive feedback from the cabinet of ministers.

    Interfax reports that the government has approved Klishas’s idea in general, but has proposed to clarify the concept of “organizers of message …

  • Russia prepares to disconnect from the internet

    Russian TASS news agency reports that the State Duma of the Russian Federation introduced a bill that, according to the authors of the document, will ensure proper operation of the Russian internet segment in case it is disconnected from the World Wide Web.

    The group of deputies proposes in part to create a specialized infrastructure capable of replacing foreign root web servers with the further rerouting of the internet traffic.

    The deputies claim that this bill will also reduce the amount …

  • Russia ready to surrender in fight against Telegram

    The Russian government may give up its attempts to completely block the Telegram messenger, and instead try to find a compromise with its owners, said Dmitry Peskov, the newly appointed President’s Special Representative on Digital Development, several hours after his appointment, reports

    According to Peskov, who previously headed one of the departments of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, the “ideal time” has arrived to initiate contact with the owners of Telegram. This comes …

  • Russia preparing for independent internet

    A “parallel internet” may be created for Russians if the West continues its policy of imposing double standards, said Ilya Rogachev, Director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Department for New Challenges and Threats (DNCT).

    According to Rogachev, all the capabilities for disconnecting Russia from the global internet and transitioning to its own local equivalent are already in place, and the government may use them “in the worst-case scenario”.Russia’s own policy is not aimed at internet …

  • Ukrainian authorities have opened a case against for 'aiding and abetting the occupiers in the Crimea'

    Ukrainian law enforcement authorities have opened a case against for booking hotels in the Crimea, the Deputy of the faction of People's Front in the Verkhovna Rada, Georgiy Logvinsky, wrote on his Facebook page.

    According to him, is violating article 332-1, 191 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code (illegal transportation of people across the state border and appropriation, embezzlement of property). The website, the deputy says, should be blocked on the Ukrainian territory …

  • Russian authorities seek to block LinkedIn

    Russia's Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications, also known as Roskomnadzor, will strive to block the LinkedIn social networking service. According to officials, the website, where approximately 400 million people are registered, violates the requirements of the law on the protection of the personal data of Russian citizens.

    Rambler News Service reported that the agency had applied to the Tagansky District Court of Moscow in …

  • Russian Armed Forces launch new internet communication system

    The Russian Armed Forces have completed a deployment of the military internet communication system officially called “a closed segment of data transmission” (or CSDD). The military network is not connected to the global internet, and all computers connected to it are protected from connections with uncertified USB drives or external hard drives. Within the network, military personnel have deployed their email service by which classified information, including top secret documents, is …

  • SOVA Center: Speaking out over the internet is becoming increasingly criminalized in Russia

    The SOVA Center for Information and Analysis reported the tightening up of measures for those speaking out on the internet.

    A report by the center’s expert, Natalia Yudina, released on Tuesday by Mediazona, states that in Russia, there have been 194 convictions for statements on the internet that were recognized as extremist, (84 per cent of the total number of similar sentences), whereas in 2014 there were only 138.

    The Russian human rights organization, Agora, also noted the increasing …

  • Russia threatens to block Wikipedia

    Russian authorities are threatening to block access to

    According to the statement issued by the Russian Government Regulatory agency Wikipedia has been requested to remove certain content from their web site. reports that the administration of Wikipedia have refused to fulfil these demands.

    “Wikipedia is a free Universal Encyclopedia. It has information on majority of the world phenomena including narcotic and psychotropic substances.

    When publishing articled the …