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  • Russian intelligence opens online service on Darknet

    Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) has opened a website in the Darknet through which people not living in Russia are invited to send information about threats to Russia's security, reported the Current Time. According to the publication, last December, “Report Information” link appeared on the SVR website. Clicking on the link would bring up a message in English: "If you are outside Russia and have important information about threats to the security of the Russian Federation, you can …

  • Czech counter intelligence notes increase in number of Russian agents in the country

    Russian security services are waging an information war in the Czech Republic, according to Czech counter-intelligence. A large number of Russian intelligence officers worked undercover in the largest foreign mission in the Russian Embassy in Prague, the annual report of the BIS (Intelligence Service of the Czech Republic) stated.

    The report contains a warning that Russian agents are creating a network of proxy groups, populist support groups and extremist groups that can be used for …

  • Ukrainian Intelligence: Rebel commander is Russian Colonel

    Ukrainian intelligence reports have suggested that the commander of the pro-Russian 2nd Motorized Rifle Brigade in eastern Ukraine, Colonel Nefedov, is in fact Russian Army Colonel Andrey Ruzinskiy. This information was disclosed in the Chief Directorate of Intelligence's report on Tuesday.

    Colonel Ruzinskiy was previously stationed with the Russian Armed Force contingent in Gumri, Armenia. 

    “In his capacity as the commander of Russia’s 102nd army based in Gumri, Ruzinskiy provoked the …