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  • Turchynov: EU is learning from Ukrainian experience in combating Russian propaganda

    European parliamentarians are studying Ukrainian methods of combating Russian propaganda and disinformation, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov said in an interview with Hromadske.

    Turchynov noted that he had initiated a ban on using Russian social networks and information resources within Ukraine. According to him, after criticizing such sanctions, European partners began to study Ukrainian methods of information security.

    "Moreover, if at …

  • Russia accuses US of starting information war against Assad

    Maria Zakharova, official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, said that an information and propaganda campaign has begun against Syria accusing Assad's government of allegedly using chemical weaponry against civilians.

    “As we warned several days ago, an information and propaganda campaign regarding ‘Damascus using chemical weaponry’ has begun… There will be more and more of that kind of newsreel, they will be different in the quality of execution – both low grade and at a Hollywood …