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  • Russia deploys 300 troops to Syrian Hasakah province

    Russia has sent additional military units to Syrian Hasakah province, Major Dmitry Suntsov, a chief of the joint Russian-Syrian monitoring center, said on Monday, January 18. According to him, about 300 soldiers will be deployed there. Their main task is to "contribute to the de-escalation of the conflict in the region," Suntsov said. They will make sure that the ceasefire is respected, he explained.

    The Syrian province of Hasakah borders Turkey. The Russian military is stationed there as part …

  • U.S. accuses Russia of provoking road accident in Syria

    Russia is responsible for a road accident in Syria in which several American servicemen were injured, TASS reported, citing a statement from the head of the press service of the National Security Council at the White House, John Ullyot.

    CNN, citing sources, reported that one of the Russian vehicles appeared to have deliberately collided with a U.S. vehicle.

    In a statement, Ullyot noted that the actions of the Russian military violate the deconfliction protocols, which were concluded by Russia …

  • U.S. troops block Russian military convoy from travelling on road in northeastern Syria

    Tensions continue between the U.S. and Russian forces in Syria. The U.S. military once again blocked the Russian convoy which led to a tense conversation between American and Russian commanders.

    Footage of the incident, which was filmed by the Russian military, was published by Telegram channel "Ukrainian Dialogue."

    Another "race" of the U.S. military and Russia happened the other day in the province of Al-Hasakah. The Americans once again blocked the column of the Russian military police. …

  • U.S. forces block large Russian military convoy from travelling on a road in northern Syria

    U.S. military units once again blocked a Russian military convoy in northeastern Syria. The incident took place in the Syrian province of Hasaka, when Russian military equipment was being transported to one of the bases.

    "According to news reports, a large Russian military convoy tried to transport equipment passing through the Tal Tamr roundabout when it was blocked by an American patrol. A Russian military convoy reportedly tried to head towards the town of Qamishli when they were met by an …

  • US troops block Russian military convoy from travelling on Syrian highway

    The U.S. military blocked the way of a Russian military convoy heading towards the town of Amuda in the Syrian province of Al Hasakah. A video of the incident, taken from a car, was published by the “Military Observer” Telegram channel. The footage shows that the Americans blocked the path of a Russian jeep and three armored personnel carriers with Russian flags.

    This is not the first such incident in Syria.

    In January, it was reported that the U.S. military blocked the Russians from …

  • US forces block Russian military from entering an oil field in Syria

    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reports that a convoy of about 40 Russian troops which was heading for the town of Tall Tamr was stopped by a U.S. patrol.

    "This caused a state of tension between both parties," SOHR writes. As a result, the Russians retreated and headed towards the city of Ain Issa.

    According to the Turkish news agency Anodolu, the U.S. troops thwarted an attempt by the Russian military to proceed to the Rumeylan oil field in the northeastern part of Hasakah …