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  • Erdogan threatens the US with legal action if supply of F-35 fighter jets is blocked

    If the US blocks the supply of the new fifth generation American fighter jet F-35 to the Turkish Air Force, Ankara may file a suit against the US in international arbitration, said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a broadcast on Habertürk TV.

    It was recently reported that the US Congress has banned the supply of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Jet to the Turkish army.

    Lawmakers in Congress are leveraging the supply of the F-35 in order to put pressure on Turkey regarding its decision …

  • Turkey will receive F-35 fighters despite objections of US Congress

    According to sources in the Pentagon and Lockheed Martin, Turkey will receive its first F-35 Joint Strike fighter this week, despite objections from Congress.  

    Lockheed Martin, which manufactures the F-35 fighters, will hold a ceremony in Fort Worth, Texas in honor of the new fighters destined for Turkey, a company spokesman said.

    The National Defense Authorization Act, passed by both chambers of Congress, contains restrictions on Turkey’s participation in the F-35 program.

    U.S. lawmakers …

  • US Senate bans sale of F-35 fighters to Turkey

    The U.S. Senate has banned the sale of fifth-generation F-35 fighters to Turkey because of Turkey’s intention to purchase S-400 surface-to-air missile systems from Russia. Turkey expressed regret over the U.S. Senate’s decision and noted that companies from the Middle East country manufactured parts for the fighters. Now Ankara has to look for alternatives or speed up the development of its own military aircraft.

    Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said it was unfortunate that the U.S. …

  • Media: Turkey may purchase Russian Su-57 fighters if the US decides not to supply F-35 aircraft

    If the U.S. Senate bans the sale of fifth generation F-35 fighters to Turkey, Ankara may consider buying Russian Su-35S or Su-57 fighters,reported the newspaper Yeni Safak, citing a source.

    Turkey is still planning on the June delivery of American F-35 airplanes. Twenty-one of the fighters are scheduled to be delivered to Turkey sometime this summer. The newspaper noted that 13 pilots and 100 technical personnel are receiving training in the U.S.

    Nevertheless, Turkey may consider purchasing …