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  • Le Figaro: Minsk process is dead

    The results of the Eastern Partnership summit, which took place on November 24 in Brussels, show that the Donbas risks becoming a new frozen conflict within the territory of the former Soviet Union, following the examples of Transnistria, Abkhazia, and South Ossetia, due to inaction of Europeans, writes the French publication Le Figaro.

    Despite the fact that the EU declared its support for Ukraine, neither the conflict in the Donbas nor the Russian annexation of the Crimea was incorporated …

  • Dodon: Moldova has no chance to join EU

    According to Moldovan President Igor Dodon, the Eastern Partnership summit showed that Moldova “has no chance of joining the EU,” so the country should return to a strategic partnership with Russia, as expressed   in a statement by Dodon, in which he gave his assessment of the Eastern Partnership summit in Brussels, reported

    According to Dodon, citizens of Moldova have undergone a massive campaign of manipulation, the purpose of which was to prove that joining the European Union …

  • Long-term support plan for Ukraine to be presented at Eastern Partnership Summit

    A long-term plan of support for Ukraine (the so-called “Marshall Plan for Ukraine”) will be presented at the Eastern Partnership Summit in November, Lithuanian MP Andrius Kubilius told the newspaper Segodnya in an interview.

    “We will present the ‘Marshall Plan for Ukraine’ at the Eastern Partnership Summit in November, where, we hope, mention of this document will appear in the final declaration of the summit,” he said.

    “We are working towards there being not only a declaration, but also real …