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  • Explosions rock ammunition storage site near Russian base in Crimea

    A week after blasts at a Russian air base in Crimea destroyed several fighter jets, explosions rocked a Russian ammunition depot near the village of Mayskoye in the Dzhankoi district of the occupied Crimea.

    Videos on social media show thick plumes of smoke rising over flames in Mayskoye. A series of explosions could be heard in the background.

    Russia blamed the blasts on an “act of sabotage”, leading to speculation that Ukrainian special forces may have mounted an attack on the storage depot. …

  • Despite Frequent Power Cuts, Russian Authorities in Crimea Say Electricity Supply Is 'Stable'

    Russian authorities in Crimea provided three straight hours of electricity to homes and called the power supply situation ‘completely stable.’ The press service reported on January 24th that industry works and that the supplied power came to 48 megawatts. The power supply priorities have changed.

    In the past, homes were disconnected from the electrical grid three times a day for 2 hours at a time. This was a problem because heavy frosts—17 degrees below zero—plagued Crimea.

    On the 30th of …

  • Crimean energy independence to cost Russia $ 2 billion

    The Russian government may pay $2 billion for the power bridge construction between Kuban – Crimea Peninsula, wrote newspaper Vedomosti, referring to the estimates of “Renaissance Capital” analyst Vladimir Sklyar.

    To construct the stations with 940 MW total capacity may cost US $1.1–1.3 billion. But, according to Sklar, the construction in Crimea will cost $400-450 million more.

    On Dec. 2, the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, launched the first line of an energy bridge to  Crimea. The first …

  • No power supply for over 2 million people in Crimea

    Last night, 1, 9 million residents of Crimea have remained without electricity as a result of PTL (Power Transmission Line) power pylons bombing in Kherson region. Now, Crimea, isolated from Ukraine’s power system, makes the transition to the autonomous power sources. Though, these power sources can provide at most a half of the desired capacity. Residents were asked don’t switch on heating devices and comply with rolling blackouts. The Crimean peninsula will be able to gain its energy …