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  • Russian Mi-24 helicopter crashes over Black Sea

    A Russian Mi-24 helicopter has crashed over the Black Sea, according to a statement from the Russian Defense Ministry.

    "On April 10, 2024, at approximately 06:00 Moscow time, a Mi-24 helicopter crashed during a routine flight over the Black Sea near the western coast of the Republic of Crimea. The preliminary cause of the crash is attributed to a failure of the equipment. Search and rescue teams are working at the scene," the ministry's statement reads.

    Meanwhile, shortly before Russia's …

  • Ukrainian Forces hit Russian landing ship Konstantin Olshansky in Crimea

    Ukrainian forces have struck the large landing ship Konstantin Olshansky, a vessel which was seized by Russians during the annexation of Crimea in 2014, with a Neptune anti-ship cruise missile, said the Ukrainian Navy spokesperson, Dmytro Pletenchuk, during a broadcast on FREEДOM.

    Pletenchuk noted that for nine years the ship had been docked in a bay, gradually being stripped for parts by the Russians. He mentioned that the enemy realized their stocks of large landing ships of project 775 were …

  • Two Russian landing ships hit in Ukrainian missile strike on Crimea

    Ukrainian forces struck Russian landing ships Yamal and Azov in Sevastopol, according to a statement from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Sunday, March 24.

    Additionally, the communication center of the Russian Black Sea Fleet was reported to have been hit. Russian military outlets and authorities have not yet confirmed the incident. No footage of the strikes has been released by media outlets or on Telegram channels.

    Yamal is a large landing ship of Project 775, built in …

  • Budanov: Ukraine is preparing a new special operation in Crimea

    The head of Ukraine's Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR), Kyrylo Budanov, has stated that the combat missions by GUR representatives in the Black Sea and the occupied Crimea constitutes special measures to prepare for a significant operation on the peninsula. It also sends a clear signal to the population that, after ten years living under the occupation, they are not forgotten, said Budanov in a documentary titled “War for the Sea: From Dnipro to Crimea”.

    The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense …

  • Russian Lieutenant General and 10 servicemen reportedly killed in Ukrainian strike on Belbek airfield

    Lieutenant General Alexander Tatarenko, the commander of a Russian aviation squadron, was allegedly killed during a Ukrainian missile attack on the Belbek airfield in the annexed Crimea, reports the Telegram channel Crimean Wind.

    Russian social media sources say that 10  Russian servicemen were also killed in the strike, along with Lieutenant General Alexander Tatarenko.

    Russian Defense Ministry has not commented on the potential death of Lieutenant General Alexander Tatarenko.

    63-year-old …

  • Ukrainian Forces kill high-ranking Russian officer in Crimea strike

    During an attack on military targets in Crimea, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have killed the deputy commander of the Russian 43rd Separate Marine Assault Aviation Regiment, Alexander Chernobriviy, reported Ukrainian Armed Forces officer Anatoliy Shtefan, also known by the call sign Stirlitz.Chernobriviy was killed during the strike on the Saki airbase on January 6, 2024. Although Russian official sources have not reported his death, Shtefan declared that the commander had been "successfully …

  • Budanov: Ukraine regains control of Northern Black Sea and targets Russian forces in Crimea

    Ukraine's operation to liberate Crimea and its territorial waters in the Black Sea is gaining momentum, according to Ukraine's military intelligence chief Budanov.

    During successful multi-faceted operations, Ukraine has managed to take back control of the northern Black Sea and has weakened the Russian forces in Crimea. The Russian fleet is fleeing the peninsula, General-Lieutenant Kirill Budanov of Ukraine's military intelligence service (GUR MO) told French newspaper Le Monde.

    "The northern …

  • Ukrainian Forces strike Saky airfield in Crimea, reportedly hitting command post and damaging aircraft

    On the night of January 6, Ukraine carried  out an attack on the Saky military airfield in Crimea. According to the Commander of the Ukrainian Air Force, Mykola Oleshchuk, a command post at the airfield was hit. Meanwhile, the Russian Ministry of Defense claimed that four "aviation guided missiles" were intercepted and destroyed over the peninsula.

    The news outlet Astra, referring to its sources, reports that one serviceman was wounded and another is trapped under debris. In the town of …

  • Russian media: 74 dead and 27 injured in Ukrainian attack on Russian landing ship Novocherkassk in Feodosia port

    74 people were killed and 27 were injured as a result of an attack on the Russian landing ship Novocherkassk by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the port of Feodosia, reports the web site the News of Sevastopol, citing the Information Support Department of the Black Sea Fleet.

    According to the publication, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy Admiral Nikolai Yevmenov asked the head of the administration of Novocherkassk, Yuri Lysenko, to declare a two-day mourning in the city. The Russian …

  • Ukraine sinks Russian landing ship Novocherkassk in Black Sea

    Commander of the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Mykola Oleshchuk, announced on the night of Tuesday, December 26th, that a large landing ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, the Novocherkassk, had been sunk. Oleshchuk wrote on Telegram that this ship "followed the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, the cruiser Moskva,'" and thanked the "pilots of the Air Force and all those involved" for their "exquisite work." A video from the ASTRA Telegram channel was attached to the post, …