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  • Kyiv: Ukraine will ask to close Bosphorus Strait for Russia

    The commander of the Naval Forces Ukraine Armed Forces, Ihor Voronchenko, stated that Ukraine intends to ask for the closure of the Bosphorus Strait for the passage of Russian ships after the Russian attack on the Ukrainian military vessels in the Kerch Strait area.

    "I am sure that the international community will nevertheless make a decision and acknowledge that there was an act of aggression against the Ukrainian state. Due to this, and according to the norms of the Montreux Convention, …

  • Freight ship delivering raw materials to Crimea broke in half in Bosphorus

    On August 27, 2017, at the entrance to the Bosphorus Strait, the Turkish dry cargo ship Leonardo broke in half, reported BSNews. The Leonardo was frequently used to transport ilmenite (titanium-iron oxide mineral) for the Titan plant in the Crimea, via the Kamysh-Burun port in Kerch.

    The vessel was sailing without cargo from Rostov-on-Don to the Turkish port of Tuzla. It was returning from a delivery on August 8, 2017, when it carried another 3000 tons of ilmenite ore from the Turkish port of …

  • Turkey strengthened protection on the Bosphorus because of a possible Islamic State attack on the Russian fleet

    Istanbul authorities stepped up security measures in the Bosphorus Strait to prevent a possible attack by the Islamic State terrorist group on Russian warships. This was reported on Tuesday, May 16, by Hurriyet Daily News. Earlier, Turkish intelligence received information indicating that jihadists can start preparing to fire on ships of the Russian navy from portable missile systems and long-barreled weapons.

    Based on the received data, the Turkish police studied those places in the Bosporus …