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  • Kremlin denies reports about radioactive cloud over Arkhangelsk region

    The authorities are working to eliminate any danger to the Russians after the missile explosion at the military test site near Severodvinsk, and the reports about a radioactive cloud over the region are absurd, said Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov as cited by RBC news agency.

    "The wording itself is quite absurd," the Kremlin spokesman said. He also noted that Putin receives all the data about the accident, and advised to focus on Putin’s statement that there is no danger to the public. …

  • Russia classifies information about explosion at coastal missile testing ground

    At nine in the morning on Thursday, there was an explosion at a coastal missile testing ground not far from the town of Nyonoksa in Russia’s Arkhangelsk province. Shortly thereafter, there were reports of a fire on board a nearby ship, and the local authorities announced that medical aircraft had been dispatched to the site of the incident.

    “At a Russian Defense Ministry testing ground in the Arkhangelsk province, during the testing of a liquid rocket propulsion system, there was an explosion, …