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  • Founder of DPR Borodai says that Ukrainian oligarch Akhmetov financed the separatist leader Khodakovsky in the spring of 2014

    One of the founders of the DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) and Russian FSB (Federal Security Service) member Alexander Boroday, who supervised separatists at the initial stage of the conflict inn eastern Ukraine, discussed in an interview how Akhmetov had sponsored fighters from Alexander Khodakovsky’s Vostok battalion, journalist Denys Kazansky writes.

    "Khodakovsky was financed by Akhmetov. Once, he tried to bring me a suitcase with 0.5 million dollars. In front of witnesses. I returned this …

  • Pro-Russian separatist leader says his battalion suffered heavy losses in 2016

    The founder of the separatist Vostok battalion, Alexander Khodakovsky, stated during an internet conference that the Vostok battalion suffered heavy losses in 2016, as 200 people were killed and 300 were injured.

    “We have officially acknowledged that 200 people were killed and 300 were injured in 2016 and that is almost 70% of the casualty toll that we suffered during the 2014-2015 war period. The year of 2016 has been a year of a very confusing truce that has led the Vostok battalion to [ …