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  • Kremlin: NATO is redeploying troops to the borders with Russia

    NATO is returning to the transatlantic redeployment of troops to Europe that existed during the Cold War in order to strengthen the coalition forces on the border with Russia, Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of Russia Mikhail Popov said in an interview with the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper.

     “The system of transatlantic reinforcement forces from the United States and Canada to Europe that existed during the years of the Cold War is being reanimated for the deployment of large coalition …

  • Baltic states agreed to increase their defense budgets

    Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia intend to increase their defense budgets to more than 2 percent of the Gross Domestic Product. The Defense Ministers of the three countries agreed to this in their joint communique after the meeting in Vilnius on Saturday, November 24. DW reports that the document envisions cooperation in strategic communication between the Baltic States and Poland, and increasing the cyber security of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. 

    During the two-day meeting that took place in …

  • Two Russians were convicted of illegally entering a Latvian military base

    On July 27, the Latvian court issued a final judgment on case of two Russians who had infiltrated the Adazi military base, reported Alexander Kurkin and Andrei Popko admitted that they were guilty of hooliganism.

    The Latvian political party leader and pro-Russian activist Vladimir Linderman was accused of complicity in the crime. Linderman maintained his innocence.

    Popko and Kurkin were sentenced to nearly 4 months of imprisonment. They had already served some of this time during …