Russian hypersonic missiles manufacturer under investigation for fraud

One of Russia's leading military corporations may be implicated in large-scale fraud. Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) has started investigation into the fact that for 16 years the Russian JSC Tactical Missile Weapons Corporation, actively working on the development of hypersonic weapons, cruise missiles, coastal missile systems, etc., was receiving money for the use of software, which simply did not exist.

"The FSB is checking JSC Tactical Missile Weapons Corporation because of a software system that they could not implement for 16 years. Every year the corporation pays 30 million rubles ($430,000 USD) for it. Back in 2004, JSC Tactical Missile Weapons Corporation entered into a software installation agreement with SAP CIS. However, it turned out that expensive software did not work all this time. It was installed 16 years ago for the production of missiles, but forgotten to be set up, or they did not want to set it up. The application did not even "understand" where it is set up and what the customer produces. The most interesting thing - the contact person from JSC Tactical Missile Weapons Corporation and the person who was supposed to implement the setup was the same person - a certain Elena Vladimirovna Ivanova. How did the corporation work all this time? According to the workers, they simply pretended to work with the software, but in fact used the old proven handwritten system. As a result, now the FSB is checking those responsible for the implementation of the software. For a long time they reported to the management that everything is working properly," Telegram-channel "Baza" reports.

No official comments on this matter from representatives of the Tactical Missile Weapons Corporation have been received so far, however, experts believe that if the information on this matter is confirmed, this could cause a very large scandal, which, obviously, will affect the management.

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