• Ukrainian Chief of General Staff: Ukraine has created four new battalions in accordance with NATO standards

    The Chief of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Viktor Muzhenko, reported that four battalions have been created in Ukraine according to NATO standards and that a fifth one was also being formed.

    As he said on Saturday, October 15, in an interview with TV Channel 5, "quite a high level of training, with quite positive feedback reciived from American and Canadian instructors regarding our military personnel’s competence and motivation."

    Muzhenko also added that Ukraine is now …

  • Putin hopes to improve relations with the United States after the presidential election

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that he hopes US-Russian relations will improve after the US presidential election.

    “I hope that when this debate and this difficult period in the political life of the United States end, I hope that there will be chances to restore the relations of Russia and the United States," Putin said after the BRICS summit on Sunday, October 16.

    Putin also suggested that the United States is using the “tried and tested scheme” of diverting voters’ attention …

  • Media: U.S surveillance drone conducted aerial reconnaissance near the Crimea

    The RQ-4 Global Hawk strategic unmanned surveillance aircraft of the US Air Force has conducted a reconnaissance flight near the Crimea. It approached the peninsula from the side of Ukraine and the Black Sea. This was reported by Interfax news agency with reference to portals that track the movement of military aviation.

    According to the media, the unmanned  aircraft departed from the Sigonella airbase in Sicily and flew to the Crimea from the western side of the Black Sea at an altitude of 15, …

  • The United States and Britain threaten the Kremlin with new sanctions

    The foreign ministers of the United States and Britain, John Kerry and Boris Johnson, said their countries are considering imposing new economic sanctions against the Russian Federation and the Syrian government, DW reports.

    In particular, punitive measures should be taken in response to the events in Aleppo, where hundreds of civilians were killed as a result of air strikes by the Syrian and Russian militaries.

    Kerry and Johnson expressed hope in the effectiveness of diplomatic tools to …

  • Montenegro: Russia funds the campaign against our accession to NATO

    The Prime Minister of Montenegro, Milomir Đukanović, accused Russia of funding the campaign against the accession of Montenegro to NATO. As Reuters reported, according to Đukanović, Moscow provides the opposition – the Democratic Front – with money from several pro-Russian and pro-Serbian parties, which are against Montenegro’s membership in the European Union and NATO.

    “The Parliamentary elections in Montenegro will take place tomorrow. The Kremlin believes that these elections are the last …