• Kerry: Russia should focus on its economy, not on demonstrating its military power

    The United States Secretary of State, John Kerry, stated during a working visit to Mongolia on June 5th that the Russian Federation needs to focus on the retention of country’s economy, the press service of the U.S. agency reported. In addition, Kerry noted that Russia’s economy has slowed down because of its policy in relation to Ukraine.

    “In Russia, for example, there are no significant investments into the energy sector and the area of new technologies. The real slowdown of the economy has …

  • Germany has included Russia on the list of threats to national security

    Die Welt reports that the new edition of the “White Book,” which serves as a guide for the management of German national security policy, now lists Russia as one of the main threats to German national security.

    The newspaper states that the German government has not updated the White Book since 2006. The new version of the document states that in terms of security, the world "has changed a lot," as everything became "complicated, volatile and difficult to predict." In this regard, the updated …

  • NATO troops arrive in Finland for the first time

    NATO troops landed in Finland for the first time as part of the Alliance’s Baltic Operations (BALTOP) naval exercises, Yle reported.

    The exercises began on Monday near Hanko west of Helsinki.

    The aim of the training is to develop cooperation between the navies of NATO member states and partners.

    British, German, and Italian soldiers are participating, as well as 200 US Marines.

    BALTOPS are Baltic Sea exercises that have been held annually since 1972.

  • Poll: Russian citizens consider the US, Ukraine and Turkey to be their main opponents

    Russian residents believe that the United States, Ukraine and Turkey are the main enemies of the country. These are the results of the last survey by Levada Center, dedicated to the attitude of Russians to other countries.

    The USA is the most hostile to Russia, according to 72% of Russians. Ukraine took second place with the highest ever recorded rate of 48% (in 2015 only 37% thought so). The third most unfriendly country is Turkey. In 2015 only 1% of the respondents thought Turkey was …

  • Russian politician: Russia will respond to NATO's actions in Eastern Europe

    Russia will respond to NATO’s military buildup in Eastern Europe, as stated by the Deputy Head of Russia’s Upper House Committee for Defense and Security, Franz Klintsevich, Russian media reports.  

    According to him, by deploying troops in Eastern Europe, NATO is creating a foothold in the region for a global strike on Russia.

    He noted that a number of NATO military personnel in the Baltic, Romania and Poland have increased 19 times, however, according to him, this figure is no danger to …