• Canada to deploy 455 soldiers to Latvia in 2017

    Canada will send more than 450 soldiers to Latvia in May 2017 within the framework of NATO's efforts to expand its presence in the Baltic region, the AFP agency reported on Friday, September 16.

    The day before, Canadian General Jonathan Vance had confirmed the deployment of 455 servicemen to Latvia. "I think the soldiers will start arriving next spring, around May", Vance told the reporters. According to him, this process should be completed in early fall.

    In July, NATO approved the …

  • Putin says he hopes the US will stick to its commitments in Syria

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said he hopes the US will stick to its commitments in Syria, Reuters reported. Putin noted that he believes the US and Russia share a common interest in securing a truce in the war torn country.

    While Moscow insists that Russian airstrikes in Syria are carried out primarily against extremist groups, including but not limited to the so-called Islamic State, Washington has accused Russia of targeting US-backed rebel groups.

    Putin told reporters in Bishkek on …

  • Russian and Chinese navies carry out defensive exercises in South China Sea

    The Russian and Chinese navies, as part of the joint Cooperation-2016 exercises in the South China Sea, have so far focused on ship defense, according to the head of the department of information support of the press service of the Russian Eastern Military District for the Pacific Fleet, Captain Vladimir Matveev.

    "The crew members have practiced the elements of anti-submarine-sabotage defense, air defense and anti-submarine warfare (ASW) on unprotected raid. In addition, in the course of joint …

  • Researchers accuse Russia of manipulating data of Smolensk plane crash

    The commission investigating the plane crash near Smolensk has evidence of Russia’s tampering with some data relating to the tragedy, according to the commission’s chairperson, Wacław Berczyński. Ukrinform reported the chairperson’s comments during a press-conference in Warsaw.

    "Collecting the data, we are also trying to determine its credibility because we received a lot of data, for example, from Russian, i.e. foreign sources. We have already found evidence that some data was manipulated,” …

  • EU extends sanctions against Russia for another six months

    The EU Council has adopted a decision on the approval of the proposal to extend individual sanctions against 146 Russian and Ukrainian individuals, and against 37 legal entities. These sanctions were extended for six months, until the 15th of March 2017.

    The sanctions apply to people and organizations who the EU considers responsible for the violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine, and who have caused damage to its sovereignty. Sanctions include the freezing of their bank assets in …