• Philippine President Duterte hopes to open alliances with Russia and China

    Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said he will visit Russia and China this year to create “open alliances” with the two countries in pursuit of an independent foreign policy, Reuters reported.

    "I am ready to not really break ties [with the US] but we will open alliances with China and... Medvedev, he is awaiting there for my visit," Duterte said.

    The President of the Philippines added that he would like to open up the "other side of the ideological barrier".

    Duterte also noted that the …

  • Lithuanian authorities recall Defense Attache in Russia

    On Friday, Lithuania formally recalled the Defense Attaché in Russia, Saulius Pikturnu, because of his marriage to a woman from the Crimea. ”From this day forward, Saulius Pikturnu has been recalled as Defense Attaché. Starting tomorrow, he will be transferred to the Lithuanian Armed Forces reserve,” the Minister of National Defense, Juozas Olekas, said.

    Pikturnu was asked to return to Lithuania for consultation after the revelation of the Colonel’s family status.

    “The 2nd Department of …

  • Ukrainian MFA: Italy reaffirmed its support for Ukraine's territorial integrity

    Italy assured its support of the territorial integrity of Ukraine and confirmed its readiness to continue to protect the inviolability of international law, as reported by the press service of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine, after a meeting of the Foreign Minister, Pavlo Klimkin, with the parliamentary delegation of Italy, headed by the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament, Fabrizio Cicchitto.

    Klimkin informed the Italian …

  • Linkevicius: Lithuania does not recognize legitimacy of Russian elections in Crimea

    Lithuania refuses to recognize the legitimacy of the elections to the Russian State Duma that took place in the Crimea. The Russian MPs elected in the Crimea will not be considered as legitimate by Lithuania with all the attendant consequences, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, Linas Linkevičius stated in his interview with DELFI.

    “It doesn’t mean the direct assessment of elections as a whole; it means that we believe everything that is happening in the Crimea to be illegal. We don’ …

  • Swedish MP who is native of Russia is suspected of 'political unreliability'

    Political Secretary in the Government Office of the Nationalist Party of Sweden Democrats and native of Russia, Alexander Fridback (known under the pseudonym Putilov Yegor), became a reason for political scandal in the Swedish government.

    Swedish Minister of Defense Peter Hultqvist demanded an explanation from the leader of the party about the presence of the Russian, who is suspected by national security experts for political unreliability. The Sweden Democrats party could now face a vote of …