• German Foreign Minister fears last vestiges of trust between US and Russia will be lost

    Frank Walter Steinmeier, Germany’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, said in an interview with Bild on October 8th that today’s tension between the USA and Russia is worse than it was during the Cold War, and that it is destroying the last vestiges of trust between the two largest countries in the world.

    "The number of reasons for conflict between Russia and the United States is growing. It seems that even the last trust is fading. If it goes on this way, we will be back in the days of …

  • In September, Russia complained to UN about criticism of Trump

    In September, Russia submitted a formal complaint to the United Nations in connection with the remarks regarding the US presidential candidate Donald Trump, as well as leading politicians of some European countries. This was announced on Friday, October 7th.

    According to Russian representatives, these remarks were made by some senior officials of the United Nations. The complaint emphasizes an "extraordinary relationship between the candidate of the Republican Party and the Kremlin,” the …

  • Latvian military begins to strengthen its borders

    An active roll-call of staff has started in the Latvian National Armed Forces, as well as strengthened surveillance of the Latvian border and airspace. The reason for this is the high activity from the Russian army in the vicinity of the Baltic States, Delfi reports, referring to the Ministry of Defense of Latvia.

    Over the past three days, planes from the Russian Air Force were identified near the border of Latvia: Su-24 tactical bombers, Su-27 multipurpose fighters, as well as an An-26 …

  • Lavrov: There have been fundamental changes in relations between Russia and U.S.

    According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Moscow has long shown a “strategic patience” towards Washington, but now there have been fundamental changes in relations between Russia and the U.S., RIA Novosti reported.

    During an interview with Channel One, Lavrov was asked to comment on whether the U.S. had missed an opportunity to improve relations with Russia.

    “This is, in my opinion, a fact,” Lavrov responded.

    “We have, to be honest, for a long time we have shown the Americans ‘ …

  • Syrian opposition calls for new sanctions against Russia

    Representatives from the Syrian opposition have called on the European Union to impose sanctions against Russia for the use of high-tech weapons, including the bunker-buster bombs that it uses against the civilian population in eastern Aleppo, a senior member of the opposition Syrian High Negotiations Committee (HNC), Bassma Kodmani, said.

    “The EU should immediately introduce targeted sanctions against Russian officials and companies that are directly involved in the uncontrolled attacks …