• OSCE: Russia should end its occupation of Georgian territories

    On Tuesday July 5th, the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE in Tbilisi adopted a resolution entitled "Conflict in Georgia," which was provided by Georgia. The document consists of 17 paragraphs. It states, in particular, that Russia should "reverse their decision on the recognition of Georgian territories and end the occupation of Georgian territories."

    According to the resolution, Russia, in defiance of international requests, continues to violate international law, "and ignores the ceasefire …

  • Lithuanian Army receives off-road vehicles from the Netherlands

    In late June and early July, Lithuania started receiving used military Mercedes-Benz GD SUVs from the Netherlands.

    This was reported by news portal Delfi with reference to the Ministry of the Defense of Lithuania.

    In total there will be 150 SUVs joining the Lithuanian army’s fleet.

    The vehicle delivery to Lithuania started on June 27 and the transfer will end on July 15.

    On the basis of a bilateral agreement, the Lithuanian army buys used military vehicles – Mercedes-Benz GD SUVs for …

  • British Defense Committee seeks to add more Russian officials to sanctions list

    The restrictive measures imposed “against Moscow have had very minimal effect on the military policy of Moscow” the British MPs believe.

    The Defense Committee of the British Parliament urged its government to put more Russian government officials on the sanctions list. This was stated in the Committee's report, published on Tuesday, July 5.

    The reports points out that the restrictive measure have had “minimal influence on the military polices of Russia”.

    The document recommends facilitating …

  • NATO defense expenses will rise noticeably in 2016

    Due to the strained relations with Russia and the fight against international terrorism, the defense spending of most of the NATO member states will grow significantly in 2016. The headquarters of NATO in Brussels reported on Monday, July 4 that the general increase in military spending of all allied nations, with the exception of the US and Canada, will reach almost 3%.

    NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the picture of defense spending in NATO countries is mixed, as some of …

  • Unidentified drone spotted over NATO exercises in Sweden

    Unknown UAVs flew over the prohibited area of Utö (island in Sweden) where the BALTOPS NATO military exercises were being held with Sweden and Finland. The incident took place in June; however, it was kept secret, Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter reports.

    Part of the exercise was held from June 10-13 on the island of Utö. There, marines from Sweden and Finland were practicing with colleagues from the U.S.A., Great Britain and Germany. Flights were prohibited during the exercises.

    "We have …