• US Embassy in Moscow discloses information about the CIA Director's visit to Russia earlier this month

    A spokesman for the US Embassy in Russia, William Stevens, discussed CIA Director John Brennan’s visit to Moscow, on Monday, March 28th, RIA Novosti reported.

    According to the embassy spokesman, Brennan discussed the observance of the truce in Syria with Russian authorities and stressed the necessity of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad leaving his post.

    "Director Brennan visited Moscow in early March to communicate to Russian officials the importance for Russia and the Assad regime to adhere …

  • Opponents to the union of Moldova and Romania protested in Chisinau

    Newsmaker reported that a protest took place on the 27th of March against the movement to reunify Moldova with Romania near the monument of Stefan cel Mare. About 100 people attended the rally. They marched through the city from the Arch of Victory in the Great National Assembly Square to the monument.

    The protest was led by the leader of the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, the Chairman of the Association of Historians Pro-Moldova, Petro Shornikov, the Chairman of …

  • Turkish Ambassador in Ukraine: Russia inspires Ankara to work closely with Kiev

    The Ambassador of Turkey to Ukraine, Yönet Tezel, stated that cooperation between Kiev and Ankara is becoming closer because of Russian aggression in Ukraine. “Russia inspires us to cooperate more. In this context, Crimea and Crimean Tatars, who are very dear to us, are important. We hope that the issue on Crimea will not disappear from the agenda on the international level,” Tezel said at the international forum, “Hybrid decisions of security in the Black Sea region”, that took place in Odessa, …

  • Breedlove calls to return U-2 spy plane to Europe to conduct surveillance on Russia

    The Supreme Commander of NATO in Europe, Philip Breedlove, urged to return the reconnaissance aircraft U-2 to the European Union, which was actively used during the Cold War.

    According to the General, they are required to conduct surveillance on the "resurgent and aggressive Russia", reports The Independent.

    Breedlove thinks that the U-2 reconnaissance planes, which are one of the "additional intelligence means", will be able to effectively confront "the growing threat from Moscow" after …

  • Russian aircraft violates Estonian airspace

    The General Staff of the Estonian Defense Forces reported that a Russian military aircraft has once again violated Estonian airspace.

    According to the Estonian military, a Russian An-26 transport aircraft crossed into Estonian airspace near the island of Vaindloo in the Gulf of Finland at 10:29 am local time on Monday, as reported by Rosbalt.

    The Estonian Foreign Minister handed the Russian Embassy in Tallinn a note of protest.

    The General Staff stated that the aircraft’s transponder was …