• NATO jets scrambled to intercept Russian warplanes over the Baltic

    Fighter jets of the NATO Air Defense forces were scrambled to intercept Russian warplanes near the Latvian border.

    The incident was reported by the National Armed Forces of Latvia on Twitter.

    “On July 13,  NATO fighter jets on a patrol mission over Baltics detected and escorted 2 Russian SU-27 fighter jets near the Latvian border,”  the statement read.

    Russian warships and military aircraft have been increasingly active near the air and sea borders of the Baltic States since the beginning of …

  • Montenegrin PM: Russia is attempting to turn the Balkans against the EU

    Russia's propagandists are taking efforts to spread anti-NATO, anti-EU sentiments across the Western Balkans, aimed at seizing influence in the region's countries, according to Montenegro's Prime Minister, Milo Đukanović. He is convinced that up to 30 percent of people in the region oppose Western integration.

    According to him, people in the lowest income brackets in a part of Europe where average GDP per capita is only €6,000 do not see the long term benefits of pro-EU economic reforms and …

  • Major VPN-provider to leave Russia as a result of new anti-terror law

    American VPN provider, Private Internet Access (PIA), which allows its users to visit web pages anonymously and allows them access to blocked websites, has announced its withdrawal from the Russian market. This is a result of the adoption of the “Yarovaya’s Package” anti-terrorism laws.

    “The Russian government has adopted new laws that require providers to register all Russian Internet traffic and to store it for up to a year. We believe that because of these laws, our Russian servers were …

  • Adviser to the President of Lithuania: NATO considers Russia to be a greater threat than ISIS

    NATO sees Russia as a greater threat than the so-called Islamic State. According to Postimess, this was said by the Advisor to the President of Lithuania on Foreign Policy, Nerijus Aleksiejūnas.

    “If you look at the document adopted by NATO, it is clear that Russia is mentioned more frequently. This, I believe, reflects a certain understanding that the Russian threat is equally understood by all and that this is a threat to us as the Alliance, as well as to the whole of Europe,” Aleksiejūnas …

  • Moldova seeks NATO's help to force Russia to withdraw troops from Transnistria

    Moldovan authorities have asked NATO to assist in removing Russian army troops from Transnistria. Delfi reported that this was said by the country’s Minister of Defense, Anatol Şalaru, while at the recent NATO summit in Warsaw.

    “Propaganda, economic measures, the lack of a solution to the Transnistrian problem and the stationing of Russian troops are constant causes for concern. We ask for support for our initiative to transform the mission in the Transnistrian region into a multinational …