• Rosbalt: Boris Nemtsov told police of threats against him several months before his murder

    The Co-Chairman of RPR-PARNAS (Republican Party of Russia), Boris Nemtsov, was killed in Moscow in February of 2015. A few months before his death, in the fall of 2014, he filed a report with the police in Yaroslavl indicating he had received death threats, as reported by the Russian Federal News Agency, Rosbalt, citing the case reports filed in connection with the murder.

    Nemtsov’s assistant during his time as the Deputy of the Yaroslavl Regional Duma told investigators about this report …

  • Poll: 64% of Russians would vote for the preservation of the Soviet Union

    The results of a poll conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (RPORC) have shown that 64% of Russian citizens would vote for preservation of the Soviet Union in a hypothetical referendum.  Only 20% of those polled would vote against the USSR.

    The greatest support of the Soviet State was observed in citizens who are more than 45 years of age. Among Russians between the ages of 18 and 44 years old, only a quarter supported preserving the Soviet Union if it still existed today. …

  • Ukraine coordinates preparation of Savchenko sanctions list

    The President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, during a meeting with Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Linas Linkevičius, began coordinating the preparation of Savchenko’s sanctions list with the European Union and the US.

    According to the press service of the Ukrainian President, during the meeting, Poroshenko commented on the positive efforts of Lithuania to secure the release of Nadiya Savchenko. The parties also coordinated the preparation of Savchenko’s sanctions list.

    Poroshenko …

  • The US urges Russia to return Crimea to Ukraine

    On the occasion of the second anniversary of Russia's annexation of Crimea, US State Department spokesman John Kirby issued a statement which reiterated the US's commitment to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

    "The United States does not accept Russia's 'referendum' on March 16, 2014, and does not recognize an attempt of the annexation of Crimea, which violates the international law," a press release by the United States Foreign Service stated.

    Kirby stressed that since …

  • Bill on countering Russian propaganda presented in the US Senate

    A new bill aimed at strengthening Washington’s efforts in countering propaganda and misinformation spread by Russia, China and other countries, was presented in the US Senate. The bill, entitled Countering Information Warfare Act of 2016, was created in response to calls by the US Congress, European governments and NATO to strengthen forces to counter misinformation campaigns.

    The new US legislation, developed by the United States Senator from Ohio, Rob Portman and the United States Senator …