• Russia increased investments in U.S Treasury bonds

    In May 2016, Russia increased investments in U.S. Treasuries for the first time in four months. The investments went up by $5.7 billion to $88.2 billion, Finmarket reported, quoting the results of a survey by the United States Department of the Treasury and the U.S. Federal Reserve System. In April, Russia had reduced investments in the U.S. Treasuries by $3.5 billion. Russia is ranked tenth in the list of largest U.S. creditors.

    However, China remains the largest holder of U.S. Treasuries. In …

  • Russia appoints new commander of its forces in Syria

    Lieutenant General Alexander Zhuravlev has been appointed as the new commander of the Russian military group in Syria, and has also became the first deputy commander of the Southern Military District. This was reported by Kommersant, citing a source in the General Staff.

    The source said that the candidacy of Zhuravlev, who has been in charge of the headquarters of the military forces in Syria since last September, was approved by the military leadership.

    According to military sources, …

  • Kremlin: Trump's comments on Russia 'not the best choice of words'

    TASS reported Russian Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov's response to U.S. Presidential Candidate Donald Trump's comments on a possible attack by Russia against the Baltic countries. Peskov stated that “The phrase about a hypothetical attack of Russia on someone isn't worded well enough to be significant or insightful.”

    Earlier, Trump stated that if Russia attacks one of the Baltic States, he will decide whether to help them or not only after he finds out whether this country has …

  • Russian Defense Minister arrives in the Crimea

    Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoygu arrived in the Crimea on Friday to present awards to Russian sailors and to inspect the Black Sea fleet, Interfax reported.

    "In Sevastopol, the head of the military department [Shoygu] will present the Order of Nakhimov to the crew of the missile cruiser Moskva,” the official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, Major-General Igor Konashenkov, told reporters.

    Shoygu will also check the progress of the resettlement of a number of garrisons of …

  • Wall Street Journal: Russian aircraft bombed US outpost in Syria

    Russian aircraft bombed a garrison used by US and British troops in Syria last week, the Wall Street Journal reported.

    According to the newspaper, US and British special forces use the garrison in southern Syria near the Iraqi and Jordanian borders for a base of operations. A contingent of 20 British commandos had reportedly pulled out of the area less than 24 hours before Russian aircraft dropped cluster bombs on the outpost.

    After the strike, officers with the US military’s Central Command …