• Theresa May defends Trident nuclear program due to threats from North Korea and Russia

    Before the vote on updating the Trident nuclear program, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May, stated before parliament that the United Kingdom can’t turn away from the nuclear deterrence program because of real threats from Russia and North Korea. According to the Prime Minister, the nuclear program is a guarantee of national security and that is why it can’t be abandoned.

    “Some people suggest to us that we should actually be removing our nuclear deterrent. This has been a …

  • Ukrainian representative in Minsk: There are 702 Russian tanks in the Donbas

    There are more Russian tanks in the temporarily occupied territories than in Germany and the UK combined.

    This was said on-air on Channel 5 by the representative of Ukraine in the Minsk talks, Yevhen Marchuk.

    He assured that Ukrainian intelligence knows exactly through which railway crossing and border checkpoints trains come from the Russian side, how much and what kind of equipment is being transported, and where it is being unloaded.

    “It is absolutely certain that on that side there are 70 …

  • Putin: All officials involved in the doping scandal will be dismissed

    Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that the officials named in the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) report will be temporarily suspended from their positions until an investigation into the incident is over, the Kremlin's press service reported.

    “To let us make a final decision on the responsibility of the government officials we would like to request that the WADA commission provide us with more complete, objective information information, information which is based on facts and which can …

  • Lawyer: The list of persecuted Crimean Tatars is getting longer every week

    Mark Feygin, a Russian lawyer, says that he has compiled a list of Crimean Tatars who are political prisoners and who are being persecuted on political grounds. According to him, this list is getting longer every week, Krym.Realii reported.

    He also says that the list should be included “in future resolutions and statements by official and non-governmental international organizations”.

    “It is at 18 people today, but this list grows with each passing week. We as the defenders of the Crimean …

  • Poroshenko: Russia’s behavior proves its involvement in the downing of MH17

    Ukraine is making every effort to ensure that those responsible for the tragedy of the plane crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 have been punished.

    “Ukraine remembers each victim of the MH17 crash. Terrorism in any form is unacceptable, and those responsible for this tragedy should be punished,” read the statement made by the Ukrainian head of state on the second anniversary of the tragedy in the skies over a Russian-occupied part of the Donbas, the presidential press service reports. …