• Moscow denies reports that the Russian military attacked opposition forces in southern Syria

    Russian military officials rejected the Pentagon’s accusations that Russia had bombed U.S.-backed opposition forces in the south of Syria.

    During a video conference with Russian military officials on June 18th, the Pentagon expressed "grave concern with the attacks on the Al-Tanf garrison that was supported by the international coalition forces."

    The representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Igor Konashenkov, refuted the accusations. In his statement on June 19th, Konashenkov said …

  • Kremlin: Presence of rotational NATO troops near our border violates the NATO-Russia treaty

    The Chief of Staff of the Russian Presidential Administration, Sergei Ivanov, said that the deployment of rotational NATO battalions close to Russia's borders is a violation of the agreement between NATO and the Russian Federation.

    "It makes no difference whether a unit is permanent or it changes, say, every six months. For example, first there were Spaniards and then Portuguese arrived in their stead. In fact they came the day after the Spaniards left so combat readiness does not change. If …

  • Russian soldier killed in Syria

    A Russian Marine from the Kaliningrad region, Andrey Timoshenkov, has been killed in action in Syria, bringing the official number of Russian soldiers killed in Syria to eleven, Korrespondent.net reported.

    The Russian Defense Ministry made the announcement on Sunday, though the soldier was killed on Thursday.

    According to authorities, the sergeant was killed by a suicide car bomb. Timoshenkov reportedly opened fire on the car as it tried to reach a humanitarian aid distribution point. The …

  • Head of Crimea thanks French investor for French Senate's call to lift sanctions on Russia

    The head of Russian-Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, while speaking at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, thanked the President of French investment company Thomas Vendome, Jean-Pierre Thomas, for "his fundamentally friendly attitude" toward Russia and the Crimea. This was reported by the press service of Sergey Aksyonov.

    "In many ways, his [Jean-Pierre Thomas’s] personal position played an important role in the decision of the Parliament of France to ease sanctions against Russia. When …

  • German manufacturer of agricultural machinery signs contract with Russia at economic forum

    A manufacturer of agricultural machinery from Germany signed a special investment agreement with the Russian government at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum.

    The German CLAAS Group was the first foreign company to sign a special investment contract with Russia. The agreement was signed on Friday, June 17, at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The German company received the status of the Russian manufacturer of agricultural equipment, and its products can now qualify for the …