• Ukrainian Naval Forces put on high alert because of Russian ships in the Black Sea

    On July 26, Ukrainian Naval Forces’ coastal surveillance spotted two ships from the Russian Black Sea Fleet – the Pytliviy frigate and Ekvator medium reconnaissance ship – near Ukrainian territorial waters, the Navy headquarters reported. According to a representative from Navy headquarters, a Naval helicopter was immediately deployed to the area and identified the targets. Soon thereafter, the Russian warships left the area.

    As it turned out, the Pytliviy frigate and Ekvator medium …

  • 41% of Russians believe they do not have enough money for food or clothing

    According to research conducted at the National Research University Higher School of Economics in Moscow, 41.4% of Russians believe that they do not have enough money to buy food or clothing. 23.2% consider their financial situation to be bad, or very bad, RBC reported.

    These numbers are up from the same research conducted in May, which concluded that 40% of the population could not afford basic goods such as food and clothing, and 21.1% considered themselves to be in a poor personal financial …

  • State Border Guard Service: Russia installed drilling rigs in Ukraine

    Ukrainian State border guard officers recorded evidence of Russian gas drilling platforms in the Ukrainian maritime economic zone, the press service of the Agency reported.

    ”While monitoring the sea surface from the air, the employees of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine registered Russian self-elevating drilling offshore platforms, fixed platforms and supply vessels in the Odessa and Holitsynske gas fields,” the report says.

    The presence of supply vessels under the Russian flag on …

  • Russian Finance Ministry predicts increase in capital outflow from the country

    The volume of Russia’s net capital outflow in the second half of 2016 will be slightly higher than in the first half. This forecast was made on the 25th of July by the country’s Deputy Finance Minister, Maxim Oreshkin.

    According to him, “this is due to the heavier schedule of the external debt compared to the first half of the year”. At the same time, the Bank of Russia has reported that the net outflow of the capital in the first six months of 2016 is almost five times lower in comparison to …

  • Ukrainian Intelligence: Russia continues to send weapons and soldiers to the Donbas

    Russia continues to supply its troops in the Donbas with personnel and weapons, according to a report released by the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

    According to the report, on the 24th of July, four trucks carrying 110 personnel and three guns were identified coming from Russia en route to Sverdlovsk in the Luhansk region.

    Ukraine has contacted representatives of the Special Monitoring Mission of the OSCE and reported on the presence of tanks, …