• Separatists in eastern Ukraine to hold summit of unrecognized states

    The leaders of the so-called DPR (Donetsk People's Republic) announced their intention to hold a summit of “unrecognized states of the world.”

    “In February or March, we will hold a summit for the unrecognized, as well as partially recognized, states or territories with no official status. We could be visited by, for example, the Basques, Flanders, Venice, Texas,” the foreign minister of the DPR, Alexander Kofman, said.

    According to Kofman, negotiations with the separatists in other countries …

  • Ukrainian expert predicts Russian civil aviation 'collapse' due to break with Antonov

    The Russian passenger and transport aviation industry will suffer heavy losses after the disruption of their relationship with Ukrainian enterprise, Antonov, as stated by aviation expert, Valeriy Romanenko, on Hromadske.

    According to him, nearly the whole Russian civil aviation industry was based on Ukrainian development and will suffer from the disruption of the relationship between Antonov State Company and the Russian company, Volga-Dnepr Group.

    "Due to the disruption of relationships in …

  • Russians who come to Russian diplomatic missions in Ukraine to vote may be expelled from Ukraine

    According to Evropeyskaya Pravda’s article entitled “Voting with Deportation: How Kyiv Can Stop Russian Elections in Diplomatic Missions,” participating in elections to the State Duma on September 18th in the territory of Ukraine is illegal, which may result in expulsion from the country.

    “The Security Service of Ukraine has two powerful tools to counter the elections. One is called ‘recognition of a citizen as a persona non grata’ and the other is ‘the expulsion of a foreign national,” which, …

  • Ariev: Ukrainian delegation could leave PACE if Russia returns

    According to the chairman of the Ukrainian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), possible recognition of the powers of the Russian representatives of PACE after elections in the annexed Crimea will mean that this organization "does not respect itself and its own principles."

    The probability of withdrawal of the Ukrainian delegation from PACE in case the organization decides to accept the credentials of the Russian delegation after the next elections to the …

  • Ukrainian soldiers begin clean up operation in gray zone of Avdiivka

    Ukrainian soldiers have started a total clean-up of the so-called "gray zone" of Old Avdiivka, as reported by Channel 5.

    It was noted that the Ukrainian army hold no positions here, but the National Police say that separatists are often noticed in the area. Ukrainian forces are checking every house, every cellar and each roof.

    Servicemen claim that the separatists have changed their tactics; that is why fighting them using the old methods is now very difficult. In particular, hostile scouts …