• EU Council to Discuss Situation in Ukraine

    On January 18th, at the meeting of the Committee of Foreign Affairs, the Council of the European Union will discuss the situation in Ukraine, reported the Council's press service. A discussion on the current situation in Syria and Iraq will also be on the agenda.

    At the end of last year, the leaders of the "Normandy Four" (Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France) held talks over the phone and agreed to extend the validity of the Minsk Agreements into 2016. They also arranged another meeting of …

  • Political Analyst: Poroshenko's Presidency Won’t Last Into 2017

    Petro Poroshenko’s ratings as the current President of Ukraine will become critically low in the summer and autumn of 2016, according to one political analyst. As a result, he will be unable to hold on to his office.

    This forecast was made by Ruslan Bortnik, the head of the Ukrainian Institute for Analysis and Management of Politics, during the press conference with the news agency GolosUA.

    “Our president has only a year left. The same prediction has been made by his allies and the members of …

  • Ukrainian Gas Company Files Lawsuit against Russia

    Ukrnafta has filed a lawsuit against Russia with the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) in The Hague, the Netherlands. The details of the lawsuit aren’t known. It was noted on the PCA website that the proceeding was initiated in accordance with an Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement, signed by the Russian Federation and Ukraine in 1998.

    Moreover, according to the PCA database, eleven more Ukrainian companies (Stabil, Rubenor, Rustel, Kirovohrad-Nafta, Krym-Petrol, Pirsan, Trade- …

  • Pierre Richard to Visit Crimea

    Tickets to a show featuring Pierre Richard, a French actor and director, are being sold in Crimea. According to the advertisement, Richard will perform in a comedy called Pierre Richard III on February 10th in Simferopol at a local musical theater and on February 11th in Sevastopol, at the Officer’s Club of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia.

    There is no mention of any events taking place in annexed Crimea on the French actor’s official website. According to tour organizers, Richard will arrive in …

  • Yatsenyuk: Ukraine no Longer Purchases Gas from Russia

    According to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, there are currently about 13 billion m3 of gas in Ukrainian storages.

    Ukraine refused further Russian gas supplies, as stated by the head of the Ukrainian Government, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, in the program "10 minutes with the Prime Minister."

    "On January 1st, the Russian Federation offered gas at the price of $212 per thousand m3. We do not buy gas from Russia, because we purchase gas from the European Union at a cheaper rate than we …