• Poroshenko: International peacekeepers are needed in eastern Ukraine

    The President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, stated that international peacekeepers are needed to ensure security in the Donbas.

    “We need international peacekeepers that will ensure the safety in the Donbas during the withdrawal and transfer of authority. Take your Plotnitsky and Zakharchenko back, take your paratroopers, who you brought here, and we will restore Ukrainian sovereignty,” he said while addressing residents of Mykolaivka in the Donetsk region.

    Poroshenko noted that the main goal …

  • OSCE notes a high number of ceasefire violations in the Yasynuvata-Avdiivka area

    According to a press release issued by the OSCE’s Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine, observers heard 139 undetermined explosions, 125 bursts of heavy machine gun fire, and 300 single shorts of small arms fire on Monday in the area between government-controlled Avdiivka and the town of Yasynuvata, which is controlled by members of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic.

    The SMM noted “consistent but intermittent exchange of fire between 10:14 and 15:18hrs and noted a spike between 12:15 …

  • Monument to Belarusians who died on Maidan and in the Donbas was unveiled in Kiev

    A monument to Belarusians who sacrificed their lives during the events during the Euromaidan protests and military campaign in eastern Ukraine was unveiled in Kiev on Belarusian Street, 22. According to Novoye Vremya, the sculpture is made in the shape of a cross in the colors of the Belarusian national flag. The center of the sculpture is decorated with the Belarusian coat of arms, the so-called Pahonia emblem.

    The Memorial is specifically devoted to three Belarusians: Michael Zhiznevsky, who …

  • Ukrainian Armed Force begin military exercises according to NATO standards

    The press service of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) reported on Facebook that the strategic command and staff exercise, ‘Spring Thunder 2016’ has started in Ukraine.

    "An important feature of the exercise is that all activities are carried out in a framework of the new organizational structure, which meets the standards of the NATO member countries that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are striving to implement in the course of the reforms," the report says.

    It is noted that …

  • Yanukovych's family to file lawsuit against Ukrainian government

    Viktor Yanukovich’s family has taken legal steps towards recovering compensation from Ukraine for legal expenses incurred by their family while challenging sanctions imposed against the former Ukrainian Preesident. “My father and I have taken legal steps towards recovering these funds from Ukraine,” Oleksandr Yanukovich (the elder son of Viktor Yanukovich) said, as reported by RBC.

    On March 25th, the former Minister of Justice of Ukraine, Olena Lukash, reported that the EU Court granted …