• U.S. Treasury Secretary to visit Ukraine

    The U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew will visit Ukraine on Friday to discuss the results of the reforms in the country.

    In Kyiv on November 13-14 Mr. Lew will meet with the Finance Minister and other senior government officials to discuss Ukraine’s ongoing reforms to strengthen economic governance, repair the financial sector, and tackle corruption.  He will also meet with several members of the Verkhovna Rada. At the same time an International Monetary Fund mission will arrive in Kiev to …

  • Ukrainian Army Commandment: Russian Separatists concentrate weapons in Donetsk region

    "Pro-Kremlin separatists are concentrating weapons and military personnel in the areas of Donetsk and Luhansk" – stated the press center of the Ukrainian Army commandment.

    The Press center officials note that in violation of the Minsk agreement there is a growing number of ammunition and weapons in the territories held by the separatists.Ten tanks and ten infantry personnel carriers, as well as seven trucks, have recently been observed moving from Shachtersk to Donetsk.

    According to …

  • Associate of the ousted Ukrainian President arrested in Kiev

    Vasily Gulick was one of the accomplices of the ousted Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovich, and helped him to illegally appropriate Mezhyhirya and Suholuchie residences. "The officers of the Ukrainian Security services have arrested the Deputy Head of the public management of the former President Yanukovich, Vasily Gulick" – reported the press center of the Security Services. The official from the President Yanukovich's team was on a nationwide wanted list and was arrested in Kyiv.

    Between 2 …

  • Ukraine needs 6 years to join NATO

    In an exclusive interview with DW, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko commented about the continuing fighting in Ukraine despite an official ceasefire and discussed Ukraine's chance of becoming a NATO member.Mr. Poroshenko said he's optimistic about the European Union's solidarity with Ukraine and that he believes Kyiv will eventually join NATO. "Our position is to reform the country. We need at least six or seven years to meet the criteria. The world would be more secure if Ukraine had an …

  • Lethal Aid to Ukraine bill passed at U.S. Congress

    WASHINGTON - U.S. Congress has passed a defense policy bill that authorizes up to $50 million in lethal military aid for Ukraine and mandates a White House response if Russia is deemed to be violating a key arms control treaty.

    The White House said hours after the $607 billion bill was passed by the Senate on November 10 that President Barack Obama was likely to sign the legislation.

    The House of Representatives passed a similar version of the bill last week.

    Among other things, the package …