• US General: Russia must allow international observers access to exercises in Crimea

    Russia must admit observers, including Western journalists, to the military exercise which will be held in the south of the country and in annexed Crimea. According to Reuters, this was the hard line presented by Lieutenant General Frederick Benjamin "Ben" Hodges, the commander of the United States Army in Europe.

    Hodges said that Russia could emulate military exercises that were held under the guidance of the USA and its allies in Europe, which allowed the country to send observers.

    "The …

  • State Border Guard Service of Ukraine: Russia has begun a new stage of the hybrid war in Crimea

    The head of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, Viktor Nazarenko, stated in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine that the next stage of hybrid war between Russia and Ukraine has begun in the Crimea. According to him, provocative actions from Russia have the specific objective of increasing the level of confrontation in the territory. Nazarenko admitted that reserves from the Ukrainian Army, including heavy weapons, were deployed to the annexed Crimea.

    The head of the State Border Guard …

  • Steinmeier and Lavrov to discuss situation in Ukraine

    The Russian and German Foreign Ministers, Sergey Lavrov and Frank-Walter Steinmeier, will meet to discuss the situation in Ukraine and Syria on August 15, RIA Novosti reported, with reference to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs press service. On that day, Steinmeier will visit Yekaterinburg for the opening of a Russian-German summer school in the Ural Federal University. After this event, his meeting with Lavrov will take place.

    “The most relevant aspects of bilateral cooperation in the …

  • Experts: Russia would use the whole arsenal of weapons based in Crimea in event of full-scale war

    Experts from the Ukrainian Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies stated at a press conference in Kiev that the Russian Federation has militarized the Crimea in an unprecedented fashion, and it will actively use weapons that are already based in the Crimea in the case of full-scale military actions in the territory of Ukraine.

    “A very powerful group consisting of aviation and Russian Military Space Forces, cruise missile carriers, submarines and ships was gathered in the Crimea. …

  • Medvedev: Russia could sever diplomatic ties with Ukraine

    Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev stated on Friday that Russia could severe diplomatic relations with Ukraine in the light of current security issues between the two countries. 

    “If there is no other option to influence the situation, the president can probably make such a decision,” Dmitry Medvedev stated, as reported by state media.

    This is the first time such measures have been mentioned. The possibility of severing diplomatic relations was not discussed after Russia’s annexation of …