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  • Kremlin intends to support Russian companies that fell under US sanctions

    At a governmental meeting with his deputies, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev called the new sanctions imposed by the U.S. Department of Treasury “unpleasant protectionism” against Russian companies and businessmen, The Insider news outlet reports. “Friday’s sanctions against our country are, no doubt, another manifestation of the protectionist policy only dressed up as sanctions,” Medvedev said.

    The PM stated that Russia considers the new sanctions unacceptable and unlawful, as they go …

  • US Treasury Department confirms that Yekaterina Tikhonova is Putin's daughter

    The United States Department of the Treasury confirmed that Katerina Tikhonova is a daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The information was provided as a part of an explanatory note about Tikhonova’s husband Kirill Shamalov who was included in the new sanctions list.

    "Shamalov married Putin’s daughter, Katerina Tikhonova in February 2013 and his fortunes drastically improved following the marriage. Within 18 months, he acquired a large portion of shares of Sibur, a Russia-based …

  • Russia promises to respond to US sanctions

    Moscow will have a "harsh response," to the US sanctions, as stated by the Russian Foreign Ministry. "There is no pressure that could force Russia to withdraw from the chosen course. They [the sanctions] only   demonstrate the inability of the United States to achieve its goals and are bringing the Russian society closer together. Of course, we will not leave current and any new anti-Russian attack without a harsh response. However, first of all, we would like to advise Washington to get rid …

  • Canada ready to expand sanctions against Russia

    Canada is ready to impose additional sanctions against the Kremlin supporters and increase pressure on Russia if needed, as stated in the response of the Canadian government to the recently published report of the Federal Parliament’s Standing Committee on National Defense, Ukrinform reports.

    "The government of Canada is ready to impose additional sanctions that will be required to maintain pressure on Russia. Canada decides on sanctions in close cooperation with international partners and …

  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister calls for the EU to impose sanctions against Gerhard Schroder

    The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Pavel Klimkin, considers it is necessary to impose sanctions against former German Chancellor, Gerhard Schröder, as he stated to Bild newspaper.

    "It is important to impose sanctions against those involved in promoting Putin’s projects abroad. Gerhard Schröder is the most important lobbyist for Putin in the world. This is why the European Union should evaluate their action in this situation," Deutsche Welle quoted the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of …

  • Trump extends sanctions against Russia for another year

    US President Donald Trump has extended   sanctions against Russia for another year due to its annexation of the Crimea and aggression in Ukraine, the White House website reports.

    "In accordance with section 202(d) of the National Emergencies Act, I am continuing for 1 year the national emergency declared in Executive Order 13660," the statement says.

    The document notes that Russia's actions in Ukraine including the Crimea's annexation and aggression in the Donbas "continue to undermine …

  • Media: Russia's largest energy company will not work in Crimea because of sanctions

     The Russian government finally abandoned plans to include Rosseti in the Krymenergo JSC created in the Crimea, reports Kommersant news outlet, citing an unnamed source familiar with the situation.

    "The creation of the ‘road map’ for the organization of the joint-stock company is now passing the final stage but the reality is Rosseti won’t be there. This is the final decision," the source said.

    Rosseti is Russia's largest operator of power grids. It includes 36 subsidiaries and affiliates. …

  • National Bank of Ukraine calls for extending sanctions on subsidiaries of Russian banks

    The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has deemed it necessary to prolong sanctions on banks carrying Russian state capital, said the Chairperson of the NBU Financial Stability Department, Vitalii Vavryshchuk, as RBC-Ukraine reports.

    The sanctions against five Russian bank subsidiaries - VS Bank, Sberbank Ukraine, VTB, BM Bank, and Prominvestbank - were imposed by a decree signed by President Petro Poroshenko in mid-March 2017, for one year, expiring this March.

    “Yes, we deem it necessary to …

  • Polish company fell under the US sanctions for trading coal from separatist-held territory of Donbas

    The Polish company, Doncoaltrade, which was engaged in exporting of coal from the separatist-controlled territories of the Donbas, was included in the US sanctions list, as stated in a message on the website of the US Department of the Treasury.

    On Friday night, the US Treasury announced the expansion of sanctions against Russia due to the situation in Ukraine, adding to it 21 individuals and 12 organizations.

    Polish publication Gazeta Prawna reported on November 5 that anthracite from …

  • Kremlin: Russia will not recognize US sanctions against North Korea

    Interfax reports that Igor Morgulov, Deputy Minister for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that Russia will not recognize unilateral US sanctions against North Korea, nor will it expel North Korean citizens that fall under the US sanctions from Russian territory.

     “We will only comply with sanctions passed by the Security Council of the United Nations. We will not recognize unilateral US sanctions, and we do not have any international obligations to comply with them,” he said.

    On …