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  • Ukrainian political analyst: In advance of Presidential elections, the Kremlin is diverting financial assistance from Donbas to Crimea

    The Ukrainian political scientist and leader of the United Coordination Center, Oleh Saakian, believes that the end of the of assistance to the separatist-held territories of the Donbas by Russia and the redirecting of this money to the annexed Crimea is a demonstrative step in the run-up to presidential elections. This allows the Kremlin to fulfill several tasks at once, the expert said on the air with radio Krym.Realii.

    "It is very likely that the money is being transferred "for the Crimea" …

  • Media: Putin will run as 'People's Candidate' in Russia’s presidential elections

    The number of Vladimir Putin's agents in the presidential elections in Russia will increase in 2018 in comparison with previous elections, due to the addition of regional leaders of public opinion, reported news website , citing sources in regional administrations, reported this.

    The sources said that the Kremlin asked for lists of leaders of public opinion, including well-known and respected athletes, cultural figures and philanthropists. A special wish was that they lived not only …

  • Media: Nomination of Putin for president will take place in two stages

    The presidential campaign strategy being developed by the Kremlin's political bloc is almost ready, Kommersant newspaper reports, referring to sources in the presidential administration. The well-informed sources confirmed that there are plans to conduct the nomination of Putin for presidency in two stages.

    The first stage, during which the head of state will publicly announce his consent to run for a new term, is scheduled for November. Before that, several events with his participation are …