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  • Japan voices protest against Russia over plans to station division in the Kuril Islands

    The Government of Japan has voiced protest over the Russian Defense Ministry’s plans to place a division in the Kuril Islands within the year. Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga announced the official position at a press conference, reports Nikkei media outlet.

    According to Suga, the strengthening of Russia's military presence on the Kuril Islands "is incompatible with the position of Japan." Suga also added that the issue would be discussed at a meeting of the foreign and defense …

  • Russia to form four new divisions in 2017, including in the Kuril Islands

    The Russian Ministry of Defence plans to complete the formation of four new divisions in 2017, and included in this will be the protection of the Kuril Islands. This was announced on February 22 in the State Duma on the television show “Parliamentary Hour” (Parlamentsky Chas) by Minister of Defence Sergey Shoygu, TASS reported.

    “This year we hope to fully put in place three divisions on the western border and in the southwest. We are actively protecting the Kuril Islands. We must place a …

  • Five new Russian divisions were created as a 'response to NATO'

    Russia has formed four mechanized infantry divisions and one armored division, as stated by Vladimir Shamanov, head of the State Duma Defense Committee, at a meeting with military attaches from other countries, Interfax reported.

    “In order to maintain combat capability, four mechanized infantry divisions and one armored division have been formed. This is a direct response to the challenges and threats posed by NATO’s actions to increase its presence along the eastern flank,” said Shamanov. …