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  • Head of LRP wants to start gold mining in the republic

    The leader of the so-called Luhansk People's Republic or LPR, Igor Plotnitsky declared that he plans to start gold mining in the territory of the "Republic" in 2018.

    "I will try to get our mine, let's say a gold mine, opened in 2018. We shall try to extract our gold, which is located on the territory of our Republic," Plotnitsky stated.

    The leader of the LPR also noted that "[gold] will not be extremely profitable, but profit will still be there."

    "But that’s also an indicator for us that we …

  • Americans to invest $100 million in gold mining in Ukraine

    The American company, Avellana Gold, has developed a project to extract gold and gold-polymetallic ore in Transcarpathia (Zakarpattia Region of Ukraine), and will invest about $100 million in this project, as reported by the State Service of Ukraine on Geodesy, Cartography, and Cadastre.

    The company plans to develop new infrastructure and a development strategy for the Muzhijevo deposit using modern equipment. The old infrastructure of the Muzhijevo deposit limited the capacity of the mine, …