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  • Media: Trump to respond to Putin’s missiles by deploying anti-missile systems in Germany

    The animated video clips of missiles destroying the US, which Russian President Vladimir Putin presented in an address to the Federal Assembly, have been noted by the Pentagon.

    As Reuters reports, the US has begun negotiations with Germany concerning the placement of US anti-missile defense systems in the European country.

    A THAAD system may be installed at the Ramstein Air Base, where the command of the US Air Forces in Europe and the joint NATO Air Force Command are based, an official in …

  • Russia tests new anti-missile system

    Russia conducted a successful test of a new anti-ballistic missile or ABM defense system, reports Russian newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda. The tests were held at the Sary-Shagan testing range in Kazakhstan.

    "The new, modernized, ABM defense system successfully accomplished the task and struck the target at the set time," informed the Deputy Commander the Aerospace Defense Forces Branch of the Russian Federation, Colonel Andrey Prikhodko.

    The missile defense system is in the arsenal of the Aerospace …

  • Russia: U.S. decision to deploy anti-missile defense system in South Korea is destabilizing

    Russia calls on the United States and South Korea to reconsider the advisability of deploying a missile defense system in the region. This was stated by Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Gennadiy Gatilov, RIA Novosti reported.According to Gatilov, this step is destabilizing.

    "An additional destabilizing factor in the region is the decision taken last year by Washington and Seoul - in the wake of the vicious logic of creating a global missile defense system - the decision to deploy …

  • Israel adopts new medium-range anti-missile defense system

    On Sunday, April 2, at the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) Air Base in Hatzor, the medium range anti-missile system David’s Sling became operational, NewsRu Israel reports. The ceremony was attended by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, Chief of the General Staff Gadi Eizenkot, Air Force Commander Amir Eshel, US Missile Defense Agency Director James Syring and IAF Commander General-Major Zvika Haimovich.

    The system, also known as “Magic Wand”, is part of …