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  • Estonia accuses Russia of violating its airspace

    On March 12, a Russian Il-76 entered Estonian airspace without authorization in the region of the Vaindloo island, Estonian Public Broadcasting (ERR) reported, citing the Estonian Defense Forces press service.

    According to the Estonian military, the Russian plane spent almost a minute in Estonian airspace. The Il-76 did not have radio contact with the Estonian Air Traffic Center. However, the plane’s transponder was active.

    As the ERR observes, this is not the first violation of Estonia’s air …

  • State Border Service of Ukraine says Russian Mi-8 helicopter violated Ukrainian airspace

    Ukraine has accused Russia of violating its airspace, according to a statement issued by the Ukrainian State Border Service on Wednesday.

    According to the statement, on March 23rd at 12:08 local time, a Russian Mi-8 helicopter crossed into Ukrainian airspace near the Kherson region. At 12:10, the Mi-8 turned south over the Ukrainian gas production platform “Strelkova-5” in the Sea of Azov.

    At 12:12, the helicopter crossed the administrative border between the Kherson region and the Crimea.

    " …

  • Turkey Accuses Russia of Violating Its Airspace

    The Russian Ambassador to Turkey received a note of protest regarding Turkish airspace violations caused by Russian aircraft, as reported by the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Ankara. Turkey made the accusations on Saturday, January 30th, on the website of Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    It is reported that on January 29th at 11:46 local time an Su-34 Russian bomber crossed into Turkish airspace. Before exiting Syrian airspace the pilot was warned repeatedly both in English and Russian. …

  • Russian Air Force violated Estonian airspace

    Tallinn has accused Russia of violating its airspace. According to the country's Defense Ministry, a Russian Antonov An-72 military transport plane breached Estonian airspace for less than a minute on Thursday. The incident occured near Vaindloo island, off the country’s northern coast on the Baltic Sea. 

    According the its flight plan, the An-72 was supposed to stay in international airspace, though it flew over Estonian territory without attempting to contact Estonian dispatchers. 

    The …