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  • Russian media publishes potential targets in US for Putin's new Zircon missiles

    The Russia-1 television channel named US military centers on the American eastern coast that can be targets of the new Zircon missiles. RIA Novosti reports that these locations include the Pentagon, Camp David, Fort Rich, McClellan, and Jim Creek.

    Among the targets could be the Pentagon building in Washington, where the Chief Command of the US Armed Forces and the US Joint Chiefs of Staff are located. Camp David is the US government control center, and Fort Rich (Maryland) is the command …

  • German Media: Zirkon cruise missile is Russia’s most dangerous weapon

    The German press reached the conclusion that the Zirkon Russian missile system represents a real threat to different countries.

    The German magazine Stern writes that the main weapon of the Russian fleet is the hypersonic Zircon 3M22 cruise missile. It flies six times faster the speed of sound and has a range of about 600 kilometers.

    Experts also mentioned the modernization of the Russian cruisers Admiral Nakhimov and Pyotr Velikiy, which are planned to be equipped with modern S-500 air …