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  • Media: former Chancellor of Austria could have been paid by Manafort for supporting Yanukovych’s interests

    Paul Manafort, former political strategist of the Party of Regions and former head of Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign had lobbied many European politicians for former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych’s interests. One of these politicians might be former Austrian Chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer, reported the Austrian newspaper Kurier.

    The FBI's indictment against Manafort does not include the names of European politicians,  whom Manafort paid more than $2 million for supporting positions …

  • Media: EU revising sanctions against Yanukovych

    The European Union (EU) has begun work to revise sanctions against former Ukrainian officials that are scheduled to expire on March 6. This concerns the fugitive President Viktor Yanukovych in particular, UNIAN reports, citing an EU Council representative.

    "Work on the latest review has begun. As usual, the decision will be made before the expiration of the decision that currently exists," the agency's source noted.

    On March 6, 2014, the European Union imposed sanctions against former …

  • Yanukovych’s lawyer: in March 2014 the Government of Ukraine decided to surrender the Crimea

    The decision to withdraw Ukrainian forces from the Crimea in spring 2014 was made on the recommendation of Serhiy Pashynsky who was the head of the Presidential administration of Ukraine at the time.

    Yanukovych’s lawyer, Vitalii Serdiuk, who represents the interests of the former President of Ukraine stated on his Facebook page that this is evidenced by Ihor Tenyukh, the former Defense Minister.

    According to a copy of the interrogation report published by Serdiuk, at a meeting of the National …

  • Media: Ex-Minister of Ecology from the Yanukovych administration returned to Ukraine

    Mykola Zlochevsky, who served as the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources under the Yanukovych administration and the owner of the largest gas producing company in Ukraine, Burisma Holdings, has returned to Ukraine, as reported by Ekonomichna Pravda citing a source familiar with the situation.   

    “He came to Kyiv recently and has already held several meetings,” the source informed.

    Zlochevsky left Ukraine at the end of 2014 due to the criminal proceedings against him for embezzlement. In …

  • Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office working to seize more funds belonging to Yanuckovych

    In 2018, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine plans to confiscate UAH 5 billion of funds belonging to the former President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, and his entourage, as stated by the Prosecutor General, Yuriy Lutsenko, on ZIK TV.

    "Next year, we will continue the special confiscation of assets belonging to Yanukovych’s organized criminal group, we hope to impound no less than 5 billion," Lutsenko said.

    He also added that the government should take all necessary steps to disburse …

  • Media: Yanukovych's lawyer brought Molotov cocktails to the Pechersky Court in Kyiv

    Former President Viktor Yanukovych’s lawyer brought wooden bats, blocks, and glass bottles with fuses in the form of rags – the materials needed for gasoline bombs - to a session of the Pechersky District Court in Kyiv. It is still unknown if there was a combustible solution inside.

    As Channel 112 reported, lawyer Vitaly Serdyuk was trying to use these materials to prove that the protest on Maidan was not peaceful. "These are threats; this is material evidence, which the whole time have been …

  • Ukrainian Minister of Justice: Kyiv guarantees Yanukovych’s safety if he returns to Ukraine

    The former Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych, does not have to worry for his life and can return to Ukraine to take part in the lawsuit against him, said the Minister of Justice, Pavlo Petrenko, during an interview with Delovaya Stolitsa.

    "Yanukovych has the opportunity to return to Ukraine and independently submit his position in court and the state will guarantee his security," Petrenko assured.

    In addition, the Minister is certain that the lawsuit against Yanukovych has no political …

  • Prosecutor General of Ukraine confirmed that Ukraine has received funds confiscated from Yanukovych

    Prosecutor General Yurii Lutsenko has stated that the money confiscated from an organized criminal group operating under former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych has been credited into the accounts of the State Treasury. Lutsenko made the announcement on Facebook.

    “Not all of the USD 1.5 billion seized from the Yanukovych-led criminal group disappeared. It was placed into the Treasury accounts a long time ago and was subsequently invested into the National Army and infrastructure projects, …

  • Russia extends Yanukovych asylum permit by another year

    The Rostov Region Office of Immigration of the Russian Interior Ministry extended the temporary asylum of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych until October 26, 2018. This was reported by the newspaper Kommersant. Vitaly Serdyuk, Yanukovych’s attorney, confirmed this information to the publication.

    According to Kommersant, the document that was issued in October 2015 expired on October 26, 2017. And the newspaper’s source in law enforcement stated that Victor Yanukovych has no other …

  • Ukraine seizes property of the former Head of Yanukovych's administration

    The property and bank accounts belonging to Andriy Klyuyev and his brother Serhiy were seized during a criminal investigation, as stated in the response of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine to the inquery of the UNN agency. Klyuyev is the former Head of the Administration of the Ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.

    "To ensure criminal proceedings on the property, the arrest is imposed on the bank accounts of the suspects [Andrey and Sergey Klyuyev], both on the territory of …