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  • Ukrainian General: Defeat of Russian Wagner private military company in Syria demonstrates superiority of US army over Russian army

    The rout of the Russian Wagner private military company in Syria demonstrates the significant superiority of the U.S. Army over the Russian Army, as well as a fundamentally different approach to conducting military operations and number of losses suffered, stated the ex-Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Lieutenant-General Igor Romanenko, during an interview with Obozrevatel news outlet.

    As the general explained, “Since Soviet times, Russia has spared neither …

  • Russian media reveals the total number of Wagner Group mercenaries fighting in Syria

    At least 3,602 fighters are serving in the Russian “Wagner” private military company (PMC), reported Republic (formerly Slon) news outlet, citing the Wagner PMC’s payroll.

    As the news outlet points out, one of the divisions on the list contains private badge numbers from 1 to 3602. Republic did not specify how many badge owners were currently in the company’s active service, but it did point out that one of the names on the list – Yevgeny Alikov from Russia’s Arkhangelsk province – had died in …

  • Kremlin confirms that ‘several dozen Russians were killed and injured in recent military clash in Syria’

    In Syria, "during the recent military clash", several dozen Russians were injured, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement published on the Ministry’s website. The Ministry did not specify what kind of military clash it was and where it occurred.

    "During a recent military confrontation, in which the military personnel of the Russian Federation were not involved and no regular technical means were used, Russian citizens and citizens of other CIS countries were killed. This …

  • Media: 54 Russian mercenaries killed in Syria in September 2017

    At least 54 Russian mercenaries from private military companies were killed in Syria in September 2017, the BBC Russian service reported, after investigating documents provided by the mother of one of the mercenaries.

    The documents were submitted for publication by Nina Atyusheva, mother of Yevgeny Alikov from Severoonezhsk in Russia’s Arkhangelsk province. Atyusheva said that she had been contacted in the middle of September 2017 by a man from Rostov-on-Don who introduced himself as Andrei. …

  • Russian deputy Zhirinovsky confirms death of hundreds of Russian mercenaries in Syria

    Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the scandalous Russian State Duma MP and head of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR), let slip out information about the death of Wagner mercenaries in Syria.

    A corresponding video from the press conference appeared on Twitter.

    Zhirinovsky complained that able-bodied men in the Russian Federation do not have work, which justifies why they are fighting.

    "Now, in Syria, a large group has died. It's that the widows remain. It does not matter that they were not …

  • Russian media reports death of ninth mercenary killed in US airstrike in Syria

    The radio station Echo of Moscow has learned of a ninth Russian who died in Syria as a result of the US airstrike. The death of Oleg Tereshchenko, a resident of Krylovskaya in Krasnodar Krai, was confirmed by four of his acquaintances.

    Echo of Moscow’s sources claim that Tereshchenko’s death became the most discussed topic in his town. People who knew him say that he died in Syria. According to one of his acquaintances, this took place during the bombardment of the Russian convoy, which killed …

  • Putin's spokesperson Peskov: Russians in Syria have no connection to Russian Armed Forces

    Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that it possible that there are Russian citizens in Syria, but if there are, they have no connection to Russia’s Armed Forces. This was the politician’s comment on the Russian deaths in the Syrian province of Deir al-Zor.

    “We at the Kremlin do not have concrete, detailed information which would enable conclusions to be drawn. The possibility cannot be excluded that there are Russian citizens in Syria. But they are in no way connected to the Russian Armed …

  • Widow of Russian mercenary killed in Syria: 'Americans shot them like dogs'

     The widow of Stanislav Matveyev, the 38 year-old Asbest resident and Wagner Group mercenary who was killed in the International Coalition airstrike in Syria on February 7,  spoke to Russian media outlet

    “They just shot them like dogs, like lab rats,” Elena Matveyeva exclaimed. also reported that Matveyev’s widow received an audio recording, in which a male voice comments on the developments:

    “Hi. What is being shown in Syria… In short, they routed us. In short, in one …

  • Names of Russian mercenaries killed in US strike in Syria begin to appear on social networks

    New evidence has begun to appear on Russian social networks and media on the death of Russian mercenaries from the Wagner Group, a private military company, in an airstrike by the US-led coalition forces in the Syrian Deir al-Zor province.

    The death of Alexey Ladygin from Ryazan was reported on Sunday.

    Ladygin’s friends write that he was involved in the events in Crimea as part of the Russian special forces. He later took part in the fight for Debaltseve in western Ukraine. In the Wagner …

  • Former DPR leader Girkin: two Russian mercenary divisions completely destroyed by American strikes in Syria

    On his VKontakte page, former DPR separatist leader Igor “Strelkov” (Girkin) has said that Russian mercenaries working for the private military corporation Wagner have suffered huge losses in Syria. Girkin noted that the Russian leadership is hiding these losses.

    "I ask you to pay attention to those who are going to ‘go to work’ in Syria. According to information from a reliable source, there are really no ‘official Russian military’ in the impact zone targeted by the United States (it is …