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  • British ambassador does not see possibility for visa liberalization with Ukraine

    The United Kingdom does not see an opportunity for visa liberalization with Ukraine in the near future. This issue is complicated by the fact that, previously, a Ukrainian passport was illegally obtained by a citizen of another state: the killer of Chechen volunteer soldiers Adam Osmayev and Amina Okuyeva, who fought on the Ukrainian side in the Donbas during the summer of 2017. This was stated by the British Ambassador to Ukraine Judith Gough in an interview with the Ukrainian publication  …

  • US Embassy in Russia: Crimeans should apply for an American visa in Kyiv

    Residents of the Crimea should apply for an American visa in Kyiv, as stated by the press service of the US Embassy in Russia, UNIAN reports.

    "The Crimea belongs to the consular district of the US Embassy in Kyiv. All applicants who permanently reside in the Crimea and are applying for immigrant visas and K (bride / groom) visas must apply for visas in Kyiv, regardless of their citizenship," the statement says.

    It is noted that consular fees paid in Ukraine can not be used for applying for a …

  • US suspends issuing of nonimmigrant visas in Russia

    Since August 23, the US has suspended the issuance of nonimmigrant visas across Russia, the US Embassy in Russia reported.

    Representatives of the diplomatic mission explained that the issuance of visas will be resumed, but in a reduced amount.

    The Embassy explained that this was due to a decrease in the number of employees at the US Embassy in Russia.

    In addition, starting from September 1, 2017, interviews for US nonimmigrant visas will only be held at the US Embassy in Moscow. Interviews …

  • Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs: Ukraine decided not to introduce visa requirements with Russia

    The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC) decided not to introduce a new visa policy with Russia. This was announced in the Verkhovna Rada by Pavlo Klimkin, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

    “The plan for the future is the decision approved by the NSDC to create an integrated system. Not a separate step, as some wanted, but a system that provides for the collecting of biometric data from foreigners and stateless persons, effective control of movement through Ukraine, …

  • Trump's immigration decree means new visa renewal procedure for citizens of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and others

    The U.S. Embassy in Minsk has announced a change to visa processing procedures after U.S. President Donald Trump issued a controversial executive order pertaining to immigration and visas on January 27th. While outrage has erupted across the world over the decision to ban citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the U.S. for a period of 90 days, the executive order also stated that citizens of countries that are required to obtain visas to enter the U.S. are no longer …

  • Lukashenko introduces visa-free travel to Belarus for citizens of US and EU

    The President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, signed a decree establishing a visa-free policy for citizens of 80 countries, including the U.S.A. and EU countries, for a maximum period of five days, as reported on the website of the President of Belarus.

    The decree extends to 39 European countries including the whole European Union, Brazil, Indonesia, the U.S.A., Japan, and other countries. It is noted that the document is aimed at approving the visits of businessmen, tourists, and …

  • Ukraine and Canada agree to hold consultations on visa liberalization

    The President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, stated at a joint press conference with the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, that Ukraine and Canada have agreed to hold consultations on visa liberalization between the two countries. “We have agreed to start immediate consultations on visa liberalization. I thank Canada that we are able to start this project,” Poroshenko said.

    Poroshenko noted that the majority of visas issued to Ukrainians by the Canadian Embassy follow the validity …

  • Turchynov: Ukrainian government should make a decision on visa regime with Russia

    The Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Oleksandr Turchynov, stated that the government should speed up the process of introducing a visa regime with the Russian Federation, as reported by Interfax.

    According to Turchynov, the government first started working on a visa regime in 2014.

    “You know, back in 2014, the National Security Council instructed the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to introduce a visa regime with Russia, and in my opinion the government has …