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  • Ukrainian President promises to begin missile program if reelected

    During a speech in Kyiv that was broadcast by the TV channel 112 Ukraine, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko promised to start implementing the renewed military missile program if he wins the upcoming presidential elections.

    Poroshenko said that at the start of his first term as president he had to “look for not only helmets and bulletproof vests for the army, but even pants, socks and linen”. “Our road to peace is through the further reinforcement of the army,” he observed. He also promised …

  • Kyiv: Six Ukrainian Air Force divisions relocated

    The Cabinet of Ministers has passed a decree “On the relocation of military units of the Ukrainian Air Force”, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry website reports.

    “The government has made another important step towards ensuring Ukraine’s effective anti-air defense in order to bolster the country’s defensive capabilities. A a decree has been passed to relocate military units of the Ukrainian Air Force. The implementation of this decree will augment the combat capabilities of the Air Force in the …

  • Ukraine and EU to hold exercises to prevent cyber threats from Russia

    The Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov stated that before the presidential election, Ukraine would hold exercises to prevent cyber threats from the Russia.

    According to data available to the National Security and Defense Council, Russia intends to “use its entire existing arsenal, including cybernetic tools to influence the democratic will of the Ukrainian people.” During the exercises, conducted with the support of the European Union, “ …

  • Kyiv: Germany is ready to send warships to the Black Sea

    During a meeting with the Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Defense, Anatoliy Petrenko, representatives of the German government assured their readiness to support Ukraine and to send German warships to the Black Sea region to deter Russian aggression. 

    The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry’s press service reports that the Ukrainian delegation in Germany discussed the Ukrainian security question with the Commissioner for Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia, German Foreign Minister Michael Siebert …

  • Kyiv: Ukrainian Armed Forces to receive 20 new types of weapons in 2019

    In 2019, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry is planning to provide 20 new weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Those plans are specified in the state defense procurement program for this year, said Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak. 

    "For me, personally, the state defense procurement program for this year is very optimistic because it provides delivery of at least 20 types of weapons to the Armed Forces which they did not have before. It is a good sign for us all that we are moving forward and …

  • Ukraine and Israel agree on strengthening defense cooperation

    The Ukrainian Minister of Defense Stepan Poltorak announced on Facebook that during an official visit to Israel a memorandum of cooperation between Ukraine and Israel was signed. This memorandum includes the development and modernization of weapons from Elbit Systems Ltd. 

    “Cooperating with the Israeli company and partner will allow us to improve the capabilities of our Armed Forces,” said Poltorak. 

    According to the minister, the Ukrainian side got acquainted with advanced defense …

  • Ukraine extends entry ban for Russian men 

    The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC) extended the entry ban imposed on Russian men aged from 16 to 60, despite the end of the martial law, said First Deputy Interior Minister Serhiy Yarovyi, the press service of the ministry reported.

    "Taking into consideration the difficult situation with security, all bodies of the Interior Ministry continue functioning in emergency mode. Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council has decided to extend the State Border Guard …

  • Ukrainian Defense Minister: Ukraine to sign weapons delivery contracts with Western partners

    Ukrainian Minister of Defense Stepan Poltorak stated in an interview with Priamyi TV that the Ukrainian government signed contracts with international partners for the supply of weapons, equipment and machinery.

    “Martial law gives us the opportunity to develop ways of cooperation with our partners. We have consent that the contracts for the delivery of weapons and equipment will be signed in the near future,” said Poltorak.

    He also said that several NATO ministers of defense will visit …

  • Ukrainian Armed Forces receive new combat aircraft, helicopters and UAVs

    President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko provided new and repaired aviation equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Saturday, December 1st,  including Su-27 and MiG-29 fighters, L-39 combat training aircraft, An-77 transport aircraft, Mi-8 helicopters and several drones, reported  the press service of the President.

    "Today, Ukrainian pilots have received new and repaired aviation equipment: fighters, training planes, helicopters, drones. I emphasize that all systems, which were used by air …

  • Ukrainian Defense Minister: 20 Ukrainian generals punished after explosions in military warehouses

    Following explosions in military warehouses, 75 personnel have been prosecuted, including more than 20 generals, Ukrainian Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak told 5 Channel in an interview.

    According to the Defense Minister, most of the military arsenals in the country had to be closed by 2014 due to financial problems. More funding will be required in order to reopen them.

    He added that there is inadequate financing to secure the arsenals, and no one is willing to take on responsibility for …