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  • Russia sends guided-missile destroyer Severomorsk to the Black Sea

    On Wednesday morning, the guided-missile destroyer Severomorsk (hull number 519) of the Russian Northern Fleet  entered the Black Sea, as reported by Bosphorus Strait marine spotter Yoruk Isik, on his Twitter blog.

    “Russia brings real fire power to Black Sea. Backbone of the Fleet: Project 1155 Northern Fleet Udaloy class destroyer, armed with SA-N-9 Gauntlet/Kinzhal & SS-N-14 Silex/Rastrub & 533mm torpedoes, Severomorsk 619 transited Bosphorus en route to Sevastopol,” Yoruk Isik wrote.

    The …

  • Latvia publishes list of KGB agents

    On December 20th, The National Archives of Latvia opened access to the KGB archives containing lists of agents of the Soviet special services.

     The files in PDF format can be found at

    The files of KGB agents in the Latvian USSR (a total of 10,612 files) have been published in alphabetical order. The archive includes the names of both active agents in the late 1980s and the excluded ones.

    In this archive, there is also general information, which was entered by the First …

  • Russian general: withdrawal of Soviet troops from Germany was a 'state treachery'

    The decision of the leadership of the USSR to end the arms race with the USA and withdraw Soviet troops from Germany was a state treachery and must receive an official assessment, said the chairman of the defense committee, the former commander of the Russian Airborne Forces Vladimir Shamanov at the plenary meeting of the State Duma on Friday.

    Shamanov said that Mikhail Gorbachev, together with Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze and Alexander Yakovlev, Politburo member of the Central …

  • Putin: Sevastopol was legally always a part of Russia

    During a meeting with the Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that Sevastopol, “was legally always a part of Russia.”

    Sobyanin noted that Moscow and Sevastopol are sister cities, and “at all times, even when Sevastopol was not a part of Russia,” the Russian capital always helped it. Putin interrupted Sobyanin, saying that Sevastopol formally has always been a Russian city.

    “Sevastopol has always been legally part of Russia. It was a city under central …

  • Russian Prime Minister: USSR lived for decades under sanctions

    Russia is not going to persuade Europeans to lift anti-Russian sanctions, said by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at the press conference following the talks with Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, TASS reported.

     “Lifting sanctions is a mutually beneficial matter and we should not persuade our partners to cancel anything, we don’t need it,” Medvedev said.

    He also said that “our European colleagues need it, they should start an initiative themselves”.

     “If they don’t want to, we …

  • Latvian counterintelligence warns against opening KGB archives

    The Constitution Protection Bureau (counterintelligence agency of Latvia) sent a letter to the Parliamentary Commission on Human Rights and Public Affairs and warned that the publication of the former KGB of the Latvian SSR – the so-called bags of the Cheka – will give an easy win to the countries that are not very friendly to Latvia, the Delfi news agency reports.

    The Constitution Protection Bureau (SAB) believed that the publication of the KGB archives on the Internet can create various …

  • Ukraine modernizes its Soviet-era anti-ballistic missiles systems

    The State Space Agency of Ukraine has announced a tender for the modernization of its western center of electronic surveillance that used to be employed with the USSR missile defense system, the Ukrainian military portal reports.

    The modernization of the center provides for the creation of the program control system of the 5Н86 radar station and processing of the radar information that will increase the accuracy of tracking the trajectories of ballistic missiles and the orbits of space …

  • EU to shut doors of citizenship to wealthy Russians

    The mass sale of European citizenship to wealthy Russians and natives of former USSR states has caused dissatisfaction among the EU authorities.

    The practice of issuing “golden visas” and “golden passports” in exchange for investments in property must be stopped, said European Commissioner for Justice Věra Jourová.

    According to her, new rules restricting the inflow into the EU of migrants with suspicious sources of capital will be drafted and published in September.

    “In recent years, an …

  • Lavrov explains why Russia forgave other countries' debts

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated that Russia wrote off the loans provided by the Soviet Union to other countries because they were 90% unrecoverable, TASS reports.

    According to Lavrov, several factors impeded the recovery of these funds. The Minister recalled that the USSR was not an integral part of the international monetary and financial system and the exchange rate of the ruble was set by the Russian State Bank.

    “A few years ago, we wrote off several billion dollars in loans …

  • Lithuanian Foreign Minister recommends that prosecutors and judges avoid visiting Russia

    The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, Linas Linkevičius recommended that staff members of the Prosecutor General’s office and the Court refrain from visiting the Russian Federation. Russia’s investigative Committee (RIC) has initiated criminal charges against them for illegal prosecution of the participants of the events of January 1991 in Vilnius.

    Linkevicius stated on Monday, July 23 that the Russian Committee’s decision was meant to “put pressure on Lithuania, the courts and law …