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  • US House of Representatives passes bill opposing Nord Stream 2

    On 25 March, the US Congress House of Representatives ratified bill H.R. 1616, which calls for the suppression of the Russian energy supply to Europe.

    The text of the document is available on the official Congress website.

    The short title of the bill is the “European Energy Security and Diversification Act of 2019”. Its primary goal is to assist “European and Eurasian countries to reduce their dependence on energy resources from countries that use energy dependence for undue political …

  • Saudi Minister of Energy: Sanctions against Russia will affect the global energy market

    During a press conference, Minister of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources of Saudi Arabia Khalid Al-Falih said that the new sanctions against Russia can have an impact on the global energy market, RIA Novosti reported.

    “Russia is a big supplier of gas to Europe and oil to China. If this happens, it will affect Europe, China and the world,” the minister said, during a press conference in Baku, where the meeting of OPEC+ Monitoring Committee․

      The committee will evaluate the measures to …

  • Kyiv: US increased aid to Ukrainian defense sector by $50 million

    The press service of the Ukrainian Embassy to the US wrote on Facebook that the United States defense budget for 2020 may include $250 million to strengthen Ukraine Security.

    “The official draft of the US defense budget for 2020 includes $250 million to provide assistance and support to the military and national security force of Ukraine as part of the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI). According to the document, these funds are planned to be allocated as ‘assistance and support to …

  • Prigozhin’s propagandists claim to have repelled US military and FBI cyberattacks

    The Russian Federal News Agency (FAN), which is believed to be connected to Yevgeny “Putin’s Chef” Prigozhin, has published its response to a reported US military cyberattack against the Internet Research Agency (IRA, a.k.a. the “Troll Factory”) on US Congress election day. The FAN claims the Americans were “unprofessional” and that their attempts were “unproductive”. 

    The Russian propagandists say that there is “neither official confirmation nor any other reasons” to believe that the IRA and …

  • US Congress to increase aid to Ukraine by $75 million

    The Ukrainian embassy in the USA stated that US Congress considers increasing the budget of aid provided to Ukraine by $75 million in 2019.

    “In the US Congress, a draft bill was approved by the Senate and the House of Representatives “Department of State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs: FY2019 Budget and Appropriations”. The estimated assistance to Ukraine through the United States Department of State, United States Agency for International Development and relevant agencies is …

  • US Congress prepares to deal new blow to Russian economy

    The lull in sanctions which Russia enjoyed during US Congress’s interim elections and government shutdown is now coming to an end.

    After the four-month break, Congress is once again discussing new measures that can be taken against Russia. The possibilities range from a ban on investments in Russian government debt to a complete disconnection of Russian government banks from the global dollar transaction system.

    Congress’s first hearings following its elections will be held on 12 February in …

  • US House of Representatives supports sanctions against Nord Stream 2 pipleline

    On Tuesday, December 11, the House of Representatives of the United States Congress approved the resolution condemning the construction of Nord Stream 2, the main gas pipeline from Russia to Germany, and supported the imposition of sanctions to counteract this project.

    Laying the pipeline would be "a dramatic step backward in the issue of European energy security and interests of the United States,” the document noted. “Russia’s geopolitical interest in Nord Stream 2 is not about increasing …

  • Russian bond market enters downward spiral

    Russia’s government debt market continues to plummet into the abyss, dragging the ruble alongside it, despite the Russian Finance Ministry’s calls for investors not to panic, writes

    The price of Russian government bonds has fallen for four consecutive days, and the currency exchange rate is approaching 70 rubles per US dollar, due to reports that US senators have begun discussing a new sanction package based on the Defending American Security from Kremlin Aggression Act.

    The …

  • The US freezes Open Skies Treaty with Russia

    Paragraph 1242 of the Defense Bill, approved by the US Congress and signed by President Donald Trump, stipulates the refusal to allocate money for financing the Open Skies Treaty.  

    It is indicated in the Defense Bill that the funds cannot be used in 2019 to carry out observation flights. It is noted that the restriction can be lifted if the US president presents the corresponding committee of the Congress a certificate confirming the fulfillment of the agreement terms by Russia.

    The document …

  • Russia warns the USA against space arms race

    Moscow expressed concern that the US House of Representatives approved a defense budget for 2019 that includes allocating funds to build a space-based echelon for intercepting ballistic missiles. Such steps show that Washington intends to use force in outer space, stated the Russian Foreign Ministry.

    “Preparations for the creation of space-based, anti-ballistic missile defense weapons are another step towards the US achieving the ‘domination in space.’ These efforts are a direct confirmation …