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  • US Congress agrees to allocate $250 to Ukraine for military assistance in 2019

    On Thursday, the House of Representatives of the U.S. Congress voted in favor of allocating $250 million to provide military assistance to Ukraine in 2019.

    The relevant item is included in the bill that was passed regarding financing and policies of the U.S. Department of Defense for the next year.

    A similar expenditure provision – encompassing the next several years – was established in the Law on Financing and Policy Directions of the U.S. Department of Defense. In 2018, $200 million was …

  • US Congress proposes imposing sanctions against Russian weapons suppliers

    The US Congress has proposed imposing further sanctions on Russian weapons suppliers.

    The US House of Representatives of Armed Services Committee made a statement on the possibility of such an initiative on the website for the 2019 US defense budget legislation.

    The authors of the bill propose authorizing the US president to impose sanctions on individuals who are supported by Russia's defense industry. In particular, this would impact supplies related to the development or production of …

  • United States plans to sell combat helicopters and missiles to Bahrain

    US Department of Defense intends to sell combat helicopters and aircraft missiles to Bahrain for an estimated cost of $911.4 million. The Pentagon has delivered the required certification notice to the Congress. The statement emphasizes that the State Department doesn’t object to the supply of such arms.

    Bahrain has requested attack helicopters AH-1Z, replacement engines, AGM-114 and APKWS II missiles, as well as radars, communications systems and other equipment. The US Defense Ministry …

  • Doping whistleblower Rodchenkov meets with US senators

    Members of the U.S. Helsinki Commission, Senators Ben Cardin and Cory Gardner, and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee held a meeting on Capitol Hill with the former head of the Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory Grigory Rodchenkov, who was the first to report the existence of a state-supported doping program in Russian sports.

    The website of the commission says that during the meeting, threats to the United States from Russia, corruption in international sports structures, and possible measures to …

  • US Congress approves $620.7 million for Ukraine

    The House of Representatives of the U.S. Congress approved the Consolidated Appropriations Act for 2018, which provides for $620.7 million in support of Ukraine, as reported on Facebook on March 22 by the Ukrainian embassy in the U.S.

    The diplomatic department noted that the law increased the amount allocated to support Ukraine.

    “So, according to the Pentagon’s bill, $200 million are allocated to provide military-technical assistance to Ukraine, which is $50 million more than the …

  • US congress prepares draft bill on cybersecurity assistance for Ukraine

    The United States House Foreign Affairs Committee of the US House of Representatives initiated the provision of cybersecurity assistance to Ukraine, as reported by the press service of the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States."The House Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives passed the Ukraine Cybersecurity Cooperation Act of 2017," the report said.The bill outlines the US policy to provide assistance to the government of Ukraine for improving its own cyber security …

  • US Congress removes Russia Today’s accreditation after its registration as foreign agent

    US Congress has taken away the press accreditation of Russian TV channel RT (Russia Today) after it registered as a foreign agent, the RT website reports.

    The relevant letter was addressed to Mikhail Solodovnikov, General Manager of RT. “This action was taken in response to the registration of RT Network’s operating company, T&R Productions LLC (T&R) as a foreign agent,” RT cites the letter as saying. The decision is effective immediately. The company T&R Productions LLC, which services RT …

  • US senate to change its policy on providing Ukraine with weapons

    The US administration is coming close to changing its policy on supplying Ukraine with defensive weaponry, said Republican Senator Jim Inhofe during a hearing of the US Senate Committee on Armed Services devoted to approving the new US Defense Ministry officials, Voice of America reports.

    “Under the previous presidential administration, the US did not plan to send Ukraine defensive weapons, but now this is changing,” Inhofe said while addressing John Rood, a candidate for the position of …

  • US Congress approved allocation of $350 million of military assistance to Ukraine

    The draft of the US defense budget for the 2018 fiscal year assumes that $350 million will be allocated to provide security assistance to Ukraine. The details of the document approved by the Senate and House of Representatives Armed Services Committees are posted on the Senate Committee’s website.

    "The NDAA ( National Defense Authorization Act) authorizes $350 million to provide security assistance to Ukraine, including defensive lethal assistance. The legislation restricts half of these funds …

  • Head of Kaspersky Lab agreed to testify before US Congress

    Yevgeny Kaspersky, the head of the company that bears his name, agreed to speak before the US Congress at the invitation of US lawmakers, as reported by Reuters, citing a letter from Kaspersky.

    "I appreciate and accept the invitation to testify before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, and if I can get an expedited visa, I look forward to publicly addressing the allegations made against my company and its products," Kaspersky wrote.

    The topic of …