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  • Russia commented on Boris Johnson's cancelled Moscow trip

    The spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova claimed that British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson gave an absurd reason for canceling his visit to Moscow.

    Zakharova noted that the cancellation of the visit happened “right after it was rescheduled.” She stressed that the reasons the British were changing their reasons for the cancellation, reported TASS news agency.

    “It seems that our Western colleagues are living in their own reality in which they first coherently make …

  • UK extends Ukrainian military training program for another year

    British military experts’ training of the Ukrainian Army will be extended for another year, until the beginning of 2018, as was stated on Sunday, by the UK Secretary of State for Defence, Michael Fallon.

    "The extension of Great Britain’s training of the Ukrainian armed forces will send a clear signal that we support Ukraine and remain firmly committed to its sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity in the face of a more hostile Russia," the Secretary said.

    In 2015, Fallon approved …

  • UK Ambassador to Ukraine: Russia has violated the Budapest Memorandum

    Russia refused to participate in the consultations of the Budapest Memorandum in March 2014 and has violated its obligations under this agreement, the British Ambassador to Ukraine, Judith Gough, said.

    "Was the Budapest Memorandum fulfilled? No, but it was not fulfilled by Russia, that's the key point. I've heard that it is described as an international treaty ... I know that many people are disappointed in Ukraine ... The British opinion is that this is a memorandum of understanding, and from …

  • UK Ambassador in Kyiv: Despite Brexit, we will continue to support Ukraine

    The Ambassador of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland to Ukraine, Judith Gough, assured that the possible exit of Great Britain from the EU will not have a significant impact on relations with Ukraine, including military cooperation, as the diplomat stated at the commemorative ceremony for those killed in past wars, which is celebrated on November 11, UNIAN reports.

    “I don’t think that this will have a significant impact. If you remember one of the first visits of our Secretary for Foreign …

  • Russian Embassy in London reduces staff because UK has delayed granting visas to personnel

    The ambassador of Russia to the United Kingdom, Alexander Yakovenko, stated that Russia has been forced to cut the size of its embassy in London after Britain delayed granting visas to dozens of its staff, including career diplomats, for months, Reuters reported.

    According to the Russian diplomat, Britain has been delaying visas to Russian diplomatic staff for over a year.

    “The embassy is shrinking, and if it continues the embassy will be reduced further. People cannot be replaced, because …

  • The UK has frozen all of Russia Today accounts

    The Editor-in-Chief of Russia Today, Margarita Simonyan, tweeted on her Twitter page that all accounts of the multilingual Russia Today TV Company have been blocked in the UK.

    “All of our accounts have been blocked in the UK. The decision should be subject to review. Long live freedom of speech,” she tweeted.

    As previously reported, an investigation into the case against the Kremlin’s English language Russia Today TV Channel, which published inaccurate information about a gas production …

  • The United States and Britain threaten the Kremlin with new sanctions

    The foreign ministers of the United States and Britain, John Kerry and Boris Johnson, said their countries are considering imposing new economic sanctions against the Russian Federation and the Syrian government, DW reports.

    In particular, punitive measures should be taken in response to the events in Aleppo, where hundreds of civilians were killed as a result of air strikes by the Syrian and Russian militaries.

    Kerry and Johnson expressed hope in the effectiveness of diplomatic tools to …

  • British politician says Russia shouldn't be allowed to host World Cup

    The former Deputy Prime Minister of Great Britain, Nick Clegg, believes that Russia should forfeit the right to host the 2018 World Cup.

    “It might be a silly thing. It is ludicrous that Russia is going to hold the World Cup in 2018. What world are we in? That they basically abuse people’s human rights on that scale, barbarism in Aleppo, and we will prepare to play football in Moscow in 2018? I think if FIFA had any moral mettle to it at all, it will now say that Russia has forfeited any right …

  • UK citizen appeared in London court for involvement in the war in eastern Ukraine

    A 41-year-old Briton, filmed on video together with pro-Russian separatists in the Donbas, appeared in a London court on the 28th of September. Benjamin Stimson, from Oldham in the north-western part of England, is charged under several articles of the British anti-terrorist legislation.

    According to a police spokesman, he is specifically accused of “intent to commit an act of terrorism and the steps to implement this” and “intent to commit acts of terrorism and assistance to acts of terrorism” …

  • Ukrainian Embassy in London asks people to report on British citizens who visited Crimea

    In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of cases where Russia takes every opportunity to legalize the annexation of the Crimea at the international level, as reported on the Facebook page of the Ukrainian embassy in London. According to the embassy, it was discovered that a British citizen, Julan Burdock, participated in the international Koktebel Jazz Party festival that took place in the occupied Crimea from August 26 to August 28.

    In addition, diplomats noted that the …