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  • Media reports that Russian bombers fly close to Alaska again

    A pair of Russian Tu-95 bombers again flew near to the coast of Alaska, but this time the US Air Force did not send fighter jets to intercept them, reported Fox News, citing a source in the US Defense Department.

    “Russian bombers returned to Alaska for a second consecutive night, two Tu-95s were 36 nautical miles (67 kilometers) from the mainland of Alaska,” posted producer Lucas Tomlinson on Twitter. Tomlinson specializes in covering the work of the Pentagon and the State Department. …

  • Russia confirms the interception of two Tu-95 bombers by American fighters off the coast of Alaska

    The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that US Air Force F-22 fighters had escorted Russian Tu-95 strategic bombers in the airspace near Alaska. The interception of the two Russian bombers was reported by Fox News.

    The Russian Defense Ministry reported that the events took place on April 17th. On that day, two strategic Tu-95MC bombers took off from the Ukrainka airbase in the Amur Region and had successfully completed their air patrol mission. The flight route passed over neutral waters of …