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  • Klimkin: all NATO member countries working to free Ukrainian sailors

    During the NATO summit in Brussels, among other topics, the priority was to discuss the realease of the Ukrainian sailors captured by Russia in the Kerch Strait region on November 25.

     “We will get back the ships, but for our sailors every hour in captivity is critical. Our allies, without exception, starting with the head of the Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, have already joined the process of their liberation,” wrote the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Pavlo Klimkin, on his Facebook page, after a …

  • Stoltenberg: NATO increases presence in the Black Sea and is watching Russia

    NATO is closely monitoring the security situation in the Black Sea and increases its military presence in the region, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said at a press conference in Brussels.

    “NATO has increased its military presence in the Black Sea region. With more naval presence. Last year the number of days with NATO ships or ships on the NATO command in the Black Sea increased from 80 to 120 and there are also, of course, NATO Allies which have deployed ships in the Black Sea …

  • Speaker of Ukrainian Parliament calls on NATO to increase its presence in the Black and Azov Seas

    During a meeting with Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg, the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, Andriy Parubiy called on NATO member countries to increase the presence of NATO'S  ships and aircraft in the Black and Azov Seas. The Ukrainian politician said this was the only guarantee of security.

    After the meeting between Stoltenberg and Parubiy, NATO published a statement in which it again condemned the Kremlin’s actions. “There is no justification for Russia’s use of military force …

  • Stoltenberg: NATO is not going to deploy nuclear missiles in Europe

    The North Atlantic Alliance does not plan to deploy new missiles with nuclear warheads in Europe, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told Interfax Ukraine.

    “NATO is not going to deploy new missiles with nuclear warheads in Europe… But, as an alliance, we are committed to the safety of all member countries of NATO,” he said, commenting on the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (INF).

    Stoltenberg noted that NATO member countries have constantly …

  • Russian warplanes provoke NATO during exercises near Norway

    Without warning, Russian Tu-142 anti-ship airplanes flew at low altitude over ships transporting NATO marines near the coast of Norway. The incident, which took place on November 2, was reported the following day, Deutsche Welle writes.

    “The marines were on board the Mount Whitney, the flagship of the US Sixth Fleet,” the report states.

    Moscow recently expressed its dissatisfaction at the holding of NATO’s Trident Juncture exercise, the alliance’s largest since the end of the Cold War. …

  • Kremlin: Russia will need huge military expenses if Georgia joins NATO

    The accession of Georgia to NATO, which is expected to take place in 2021, will require “huge” expenses from Russia, stated Andrey Kelin, Director of the Department of European Cooperation of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

    According to Kelin, Georgia's decision to become a member of the North Atlantic Alliance is viewed by Moscow as a problem and to resolve it Russia would require additional investments in defense.

     “We will have to form a defense zone near Sochi,” Kelin said, adding that "it …

  • NATO concerned over Russia's actions in the Sea of Azov

    NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the countries members of the Alliance are alarmed by Russia’s "destabilizing" behavior in the Sea of Azov. According to Radio Liberty, Stoltenberg assured that NATO is keeping an eye on this issue.

    The NATO Secretary General said that Russia's actions in the Sea of Azov follow a pattern of a behavior model that Moscow has been demonstrating for a long time.

    According to Stoltenberg, this model includes Russia’s annexation of the Crimea as well …

  • NATO concerned about the escalation in the Azov Sea

    NATO is concerned that Russia is preventing Ukrainian vessels from accessing the Azov Sea, stated the Secretary-General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg before a meeting with the secretaries of Defense, reports Interfax Ukraine.

    NATO is also concerned with the presence of Russia in the Crimea and their activities near the Crimean bridge.

    “The situation in Ukraine, around Ukraine, in the Azov Sea, and in the Crimea is what we always discuss (with the Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko), and in these …

  • Stoltenberg and Lavrov discuss creation of new US military base in Poland

    NATO Secretary Jens Stoltenberg spoke about his meeting with the Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov at the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly, where they discussed the question of creating an American military base on the territory of Poland, reports RIA Novosti.

    “We discussed this (issue of the American base in Poland) during the meeting,” Stoltenberg said.

    At the same time, the Secretary-General did not disclose the details of the conversation with Lavrov regarding the …

  • Stoltenberg promises that Georgia will become a NATO member

    After the meeting with the U.S. national security adviser, John Bolton, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg assured that NATO will continue to support Georgia’s and Ukraine’s efforts to join the Alliance, reports Voice of America.

    "Georgia will become a NATO member," said Stoltenberg during the speech at the Heritage Foundation research centre.

    The Secretary General also said that the Alliance does not intend to retreat because of the pressure from Russia.

    "For us, there is no …