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  • Putin introduces bill allowing Central bank to look for foreign accounts of Russian officials

    On Wednesday, October 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin submitted a bill to the State Duma allowing General Prosecutor’s Office to work with the authorities of foreign countries to verify compliance with anti-corruption restrictions against Russian officials. The decree was published on the Russian Duma electronic database website.

    Russian legislation prohibits high-ranking deputies, civil servants, officials and senators from opening and holding accounts and deposits in foreign banks, or …

  • Russia accuses Ukraine of escalating the situation in the Donbas

    On October 18, the State Duma of the Russian Federation adopted a statement on the aggravated situation in Ukraine.

     In this small document in several paragraphs, Ukraine is accused of killing the leader of the so called Donetsk People's Republic (DPR), Alexander Zakharchenko, tearing apart Orthodoxy, ignoring the "will of the fraternal Russian and Ukrainian peoples” in connection with the decision to terminate the Friendship Treaty and, in general, anti-Russian politics.

    “The State Duma is …

  • Russia considers deploying nuclear weapons in Syria

    The United States has crossed a “red line” in its relations with Russia, and the President should consider an asymmetric response – terminating the treaties with Washington on nuclear missiles, and deploying tactical nuclear weapons abroad, e.g. in Syria, stated  by Vladimir Gutenev, first deputy chairman of the Russian State Duma committee on economic policy, innovative development and entrepreneurship, to TASS.

    According to the MP, such a step would “not only offset sanctions, but also deal …

  • Russia to adopt law on zero tax for oligarchs

    The State Duma budget and taxes committee has recommended the adoption in the first reading of a bill to create offshore zones in Russia with a special tax regime for the international holding companies through which the wealthiest Russians control the economy’s key assets.It follows from the bill, as cited by TASS, that within the special administrative zones on the Oktyabrsky and Russky islands in the Kaliningrad province and Pimorsky Krai, which are designed to replace the western offshore …

  • Russian State Duma passes law on reciprocal sanctions

    The lower house of the Russian parliament, in the third and final reading, passed a bill on counter sanctions. 

    In the final version of the bill, there is no mention of specific areas to which sanctions may apply. The law enables the government to ban the importation of any product or raw material, with the exception of necessary goods that are not produced in Russia.

    Additionally, restrictions cannot be applied to goods imported for personal use, both by Russians and foreigners.

    The bill …

  • Parliament of Chechnya proposes to allow Putin to hold presidency for three consecutive terms

    The draft bill on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s term appeared on the website of the Russian State Duma after being registered on Friday and sent to the Duma’s Chairman. The document was introduced by the Parliament of the Chechen Republic.

    On May 9, Chechen legislators proposed to allow the Russian President to hold the post for three consecutive terms. This suggestion was initially put forward by the Head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, who stated that “there is no alternative” …

  • Russia considers introducing criminal liability for companies observing Western sanctions

    The Russian State Duma has drafted a bill denoting criminal liability, punishable by up to four years of imprisonment, for the implementation of sanctions by foreign states, as well as for assistance in establishing anti-Russian sanctions, in the territory of the Russian Federation, Interfax reports.

    "This draft law, which proposes changes to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, will be officially introduced to the State Duma on Monday morning; its authors - the speakers for both …

  • Russia to exclude American drugs from the sanctions list

    Interfax reports that the State Duma of Russia is amending the draft bill on counter sanctions to avoid prohibiting the import of drugs from the U.S. that are similar to those which exist in Russia, Ivan Melnikov, the First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma, stated.

    “It is planned to exclude from the draft bill the mention of specific industries and specific goods and services and leave only the measures that can be applied,” Melnikov said.

    In the first reading of the draft bill, it was …

  • Russia considers producing counterfeit American goods in response to US sanctions

    Members of the Russian State Duma have drafted a bill that suggests permitting manufacturing American goods without needing to obtain a license to use intellectual property. This was proposed as a way of retaliation for sanctions imposed by the United States, Interfax news agency reports.

    According to the report, the bill has been drafted by State Duma’s Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin jointly with leaders of parliamentary factions, and does not specify a list of goods that are intended to be …

  • Russian State Duma deputy comes under fire in Donbas

    A Russian State Duma Deputy, Alexey Zhuravlev (non-factional) came under fire on Monday in the Donbas, as he stated to RIA Novosti.

    "I wanted to be assured of today's announced ceasefire. We arrived at the Pyatnashka battalion’s location and came under mortar fire. One of the cars was disabled, we had to turn around and leave," he said.

    According to unofficial data, the shelling occurred in the town of Kruta Balka near Yasynuvata.

    Zhuravlev is the chairman of the Russian Rodina (Fatherland) …