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  • Ukraine strengthens control over the Black Sea

    On Monday, February 11th, the State Border Service reported that the Ukrainian Marine Guard strengthened control over the government border on the Black Sea. 

    Over the course of the week, the naval guard ships accompanied foreign vessels from the entrance of the territorial waters of Ukraine to the ports of destination. 

    “This practice allows strengthening measures to prevent attempts at an illegal approach to the small vessels and other illegal actions in the territorial waters of Ukraine,” …

  • Ukrainian Border Service: pro-Russian militants use laser weapons in Donbas

    The Ukrainian State Border Service reported that Ukrainian border guards once again saw evidence of the use of laser weapons by pro-Russian militants in the Donbas. 

    “Starting 10 pm on February 8th until 4 am on Saturday, in the area of the Stanytsia Luhanska checkpoint, border guards providing protection to the road corridor recorded light purple beams from the temporarily occupied territory every two to three minutes,” says the message. 

    The State Border Service stated that due to the …